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Girl with blue eyes


Nio and Kitsuna are running in the Midnight Forest. "What are we doing here?" Nio is full of curiosity."Can you spot the pack of wolves there? The queen of Hemlock Natsu drop a hint for me just now.. She said if you can defeat the wolves, you have complete your mission, no need to follow the mission in your scroll."Kitsuna is pointing at the hill near them.

Nio also saw some Dobutsu (animal) rescuer are trying to defeat them but they are too strong."Really? How can I defeat them?"."You must trust your willpower..If your willpower are stronger then the wolves, your willpower will direct you, then you are able to beat them. If they had lose, they will keep inside the mission scroll. If you are wholehearted to help your friend, it will increase your willpower. Ahh! Those wolves saw us !!! I am counting on you! Gambateh!!! "Kitsuna is scared but she still supporting Nio."I want to save Ringgo, Ringgo! Don't worry, I will save you! Please give me some powers to defeat these wolves! I want to save my friend, I WANT TO SAVE MY FRIEND!!" Nio shout loudly.

Suddenly her body controlled by something powerful and her eyes turns blue .When Nio raise her right hand, the wolves are flowing in the air, but when Nio says: "Throw!", the wolves flew far from Nio and they drop hardly on the floor. Nio is just like the commander, she says spin around or something that order the wolves, the wolves obey what she says. The wolves finally surrender. After the mission scroll keeps them, Nio returns to normal, her eyes become dark brown again."Eh? Where are the wolves? I saw them just now but suddenly a blue light shine and I forgot." Nio can't remember anything!!!

When Kitsuna saw Nio's power, her eyes want to bounce out and her mouth is long until can reach the floor."Hey, are you okay? Where is the wolves? What are you looking at ?"Nio tries to ask Kitsuna but she still staring blankly at Nio."Oh! I am so sorry."(now finally regain consciousness)" Can you tell me what happen just now?"."You really can't remember what you did just now? Is okay...I will tell you later because we are going to My Kingdom to keep our scroll in the mission room "."Ah...never mind... I can ask you let's go now."Nio grabbed Kitsuna to the oak tree that Kitsuna put her golden key inside last time."You can remember this door? Sometimes I also can't remember. ..hehe". Kitsuna is embarrassing when she tell Nio. Nio notices the golden key got a cat shape on it. Although Nio want to know the reason, but she know it is not the time to ask so she keep her words. When Nio reaches My Kingdom, she didn't fall down, she had learnt a lesson that day. While she is waiting for Kitsuna, she notices some rescuers are friendly to their pets, some are hugging them...they are so close! But she recall how she treats Kitsuna, is rude!!! She felt ashamed when she thought about this. "Hey! Why are you standing there? Let's go! you haven finish your homework right?" . Nio regain consciousness and say :" Oh? Ya! Let's go!".

They had reach home. Nio rushed into her room and do her homework. She dosen't like to delay her school homework. At school, she always hand her homework over to her teacher on time. But the girls...they did't hand theirs every time. Just care about k-pop...Nio think they're so annoying , because they always sing k-pop while teacher teaching in front. This causes Nio cannot concentrate in the class. Luckily, she is an independence girl. She always do revision when she was free. Science is the main subject for her. "Miao~" Nio shocked by a cat beside her. Nio is full of curious about this cat. How the cat come in?" Nio, Nio.. can you hear me? I am Kitsuna." Nio heard the voice. She stare at the cat. then she says :" Are You SPEAking?"." I AM KITSUNA!!! Frighten you?" Kitsuna is trying to make fun with Nio ."What's your real identity? Nio is curious and interesting. "Actually...I can transform to fox and cat...but when I transform to cat, normal people also can saw me. And another thing is, the more you complete your mission, the more you can understand animal language.

"Really? Are you kidding? Yahoo! Did you know talk to animals and understand their language is my wish?" Nio is too exited and she didn't notice Kitsuna is reading the note which on the floor. Nio grabs over the note from Kitsuna's hand. "Mmm..I..SO SORRY! I had been so rude to you these few days...When I saw those Dobutsu rescuer were so friendly to their pets, I felt ashamed. .Buhuhuhu..."."Okay..I accept your apologise, make sure you don't do that to me again ..or else...Ah, you know, you are such a cry baby cry easily!". "Okay, okay.. I promise I won't do that again but..what did you say just now?! Cry baby?!"." Wakakaka! Come and catch me if you can! Haha! ". Now Nio is chasing Kitsuna . They just playing. "Ouch! It hurts! Oh, I am so sorry! Are you okay?" Nio hit someone . She realise she hit a boy after she regain consciousness. Her face blushed immediately after she realise that is a boy.

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