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Open mind for a different View


Open mind for a different view

Chapter 1

She sat against the chain link fence for lunch while the other kids sharing the same lunch period used the tables scattered outside and paid her zero attention, she was used to it and more then that she didn’t care. Amelia Lowell only went to school because her mother forced her to and as much as she didn’t care for many things in life she didn’t want to disappoint her mother.

She watched the people in front of her like they were a TV show, fake, pretending for the audience. Her twin sister Lena was one of them; always worried about what others would think with a need to have the latest and greatest, and to be what others considered perfect.

Mel thought grades were important because it led to college and a career but Lena never did agree with her sister.

Lena could be cold toward those not in her crowd of people but she always went out of her way to say at least hi to her longer, geek and sometimes depressing sister. “Hey.” She greeted while she kneeled down carefully with her skirt. “I need a favor.”

“Ok.” Amelia kept her eyes forward, counting the seconds it took for Lena to spit it out.

“You have to say yes because this is important to me.”

“Just say it.” Amelia snapped, she hated when her sister would say she had to do something and then attach the guilt trip.

“Tutor Eric in chemistry.”

She scoffed, it was loud and not very ladylike. “Your idiot boyfriend doesn’t know chemistry? No wonder you’re so uptight.”

Lena groaned. “Stop being dirty minded and he’s not my boyfriend. He’s a friend whom I care about and if he fails this test he won’t be able to play football anymore.”

“Be still my heart.”

Lena let out another groan and tried to get more comfortable in her skirt and heels. Hell would freeze before she just sat on the floor and stopped with the awkward positions, sitting would dirty her outfit. “You’re the top student in that stuff, it would be a huge favor and I’d owe you.” She said softly, smiling with hope as she begged for help.

“You’ve been here for longer then a minute, the cheerleaders look ready to send the rescue team.” Amelia stared ahead and rolled her eyes, Lena and her friends could be too dramatic and they had no idea what real drama was.

“Mel! I’ll do whatever you want.”

“I want you to leave me alone.”

“I will once you say yes.”

Amelia knew her sister would keep pressing and bugging her. Since they lived together it was a safe bet to assume Lena would resort to any measures possible until she agreed. “Fine. I’ll meet with him and if he annoys me once; it’s over.”

“He’s not that bad, you just hate people. I’m going to take you to his place after school. His mom comes home late.” Lena stood and stretched her cramped legs then walked back to her table.

Amelia and Lena Lowell were twins but you never confused the two. Mel dyed her natural blonde shade to black while Lena added highlights to make it more golden. Their features were identical except for their eye color, Lena had light brown eyes while Amelia had emerald green. Lena loved dresses and skirts, even as a toddler she wore heels while Amelia liked to walk barefooted in the mud. The Lowell’s used to joke Amelia was the son they never had. Until two years ago Mel had been out going, liked to have fun even if she considered science projects fun. Now she liked to sit away from the crowd and not speak to others unless she had to.

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Chapter 1

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