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Convicted Love


Hey guys! So this is my new story and the first chapter! Like my stories before the chapters will get longer as i get more into the story :) Please tell me what you think! It will mean a lot.

COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please? I'm entering this in the watty awards! Well now i am lol. I'll never say, 'if i don't get so and so votes then i won't update but it would be nice to vote and comment and such ;) gracias!

Pic on the side is Paige



Convicted Love:


Paige’s POV:


Somehow I never envisioned my life to turn out this way. Well, I guess no one really does, but, my dreams weren’t even close to this.

I’m a fighter. It’s what I was always taught. Fight until you can’t anymore, and even then you keep going. My dad always told me to never give up in what you believe in…even if people thought you were crazy.

We wouldn’t have light bulbs or radio’s or anything of the sort if we just obeyed what people thought was okay. Grant it, I don’t have some turn of the century invention but I do have something that’s worth fighting for as old as time itself.


Ya, I know it’s sounds cheesy but it’s completely true. My momma always taught me that love is the one thing you have to fight to get and continue fighting to keep. It’s not something to take lightly at just a whim. That’s why I never said, “Oh I love those shoes, or I love that book!”. I don’t take the word love for granted.


Have you ever just stop and think about that word, and the heavy meaning behind it? No? I think it’s because that word has lost meaning over time. We use so much in our daily vocabulary that we forget just how powerful that word is.


When you finally take those steps and say, ‘I love you.’ to that special person, you’re saying you’d take a bullet for them. You’d follow them to the ends of the earth…you’d even love them enough to let them go if that’s what’s right. If you don’t feel like you can do that for that person then, it’s not real love.


Real love is honest, pure, and accepting your partner as who they are and not who you want them to be, because no one’s perfect. You’ll never find your perfect guy, or perfect girl. But you will find that guy or girl who is perfect for YOU. They’ll have flaws, but that will offset yours. And another huge factor to love is forgiveness.


I learned that the hard way. Forgiving someone is never truly about the person who has done you wrong. It’s about you. When you forgive a person you are setting yourself free of them. I’m not saying that once you say, ‘I forgive you.’ you’ll feel so much better. You probably won’t, and you’ll most likely have to say you forgive that person a million times before you truly believe it. It’s so important to do this because once you release that person, you are releasing their power over you. And you know when you’re finally set free once they walk into a room and it doesn’t affect you. Anyone who can affect the very mood you’re in just by being in the same room, whether good or bad, has power over you.


During my journey over this past year, I have learned that and so much more. And as I’m back in this concrete place but this time from a different perspective, I now see why there is so many people fight for someone, and that’s exactly what I’m doing now. Because,

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Convicted Love


Jessica Bielas Paige Turner
Jared Padaleckias Nathan Wilson
Justin Hartleyas Josh Turner
Seth Greenas James
Robert Pattinsonas Michael
Alexander Skarsgardas Jack
Xavier Samuelas Max
Simon Woodsas Mark
Daren Kagasoffas Alex and Anthony
Aaron Tveitas Jeff
Robert Downey Uncle Scott/Warden
Simon Bakeras Harry McCoy
Betty Whiteas Betty Chareston
James Whitmoreas Henry Charelston

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