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Justin Bieber Imagines


Imagine for Kristah:

You are the actress in Justin’s new music video, As Long As You Love Me. You’ve been there about 5 times, and you and Justin have really gotten to know each other good since it started. You got to know each other so well that you now hangout outside of the filming. You’ve always been a Belieber, but you never told him that. And honestly, being around him, and actually kissing him in the filming, made you lightheaded every time.

You were in your room getting ready to leave for the filming, when you hear someone knock on the door. You ran downstairs to answer. You opened the door to see Justin casually standing right in front of you. You totally forgot he was supposed to pick you up. Your heart began beating super-fast.

“Hey,” he said, smiling. His eyes started at your face, moving slowly down, taking in your outfit. He then moved back up to your eyes and smiled again. “You look nice.”

You felt your face turn red, and were glad you had just put a load of cover-up on so he wouldn’t see. You got control of yourself and replied, “Thanks, you do too.” You both smiled.

“So, ya ready?” he asked.

“Yeah, hang on let me grab my jacket,” you replied, running inside real quick to grab it, and then running back out. “’Kay, let’s go.”

You walked to Justin’s dark tented car, about to open the door when he suddenly opened it for you. You smiled and got in. Justin walked to the other side, got in, and started driving to the filming place.

“What do you wanna listen to?” Justin asked, flipping through radio stations.

You smiled, “As Long As You Love Me.” You said.

Justin laughed, “You like that song? Thought you’d be sick of it now, listening to it all day long.”

You laughed too, “Yeah, no. I love that song...” Justin pulled out his ‘Believe’ CD and played #3, As Long As You Love Me.

“As long as you la la la la la, la la la la la la, la la, la la la love me...” he sang along. You giggled as he changed pitches, sounding purposely horrible to make you laugh. He laughed, too.

“Do you like to sing?” he asked. “Kinda,” you replied.

“Sing for me.” He said. You blushed, not really wanting to. You were self-conscious of your voice, not only around him but everyone.

“No...I’m good...”

“Oh come on, just sing. I bet you sound really good,”

“I mean, I think I do, but it’s embarrassing. So, I’m good.”

“Fine,” he said. He then, stopped the car. You realized you were there already.  “Later then, we have some making out to do.” He winked before getting out of the car, knocking you breathless.

You walked up to the front doors together, and up to the shooting room.

“Justin! Kristah,” Anthony, the director, yelled once he saw you guys walk through the door. “Ok, were gonna start off with you guys on the bed kissing. We’ll shoot about 10 minutes of that, so just do whatever, look romantic, we’ll pick the parts were gonna use later. You know your places!”

Justin gave you a warm smile and grabbed your hand while walking over to the bed. “Who’s on top?” Justin asked Anthony. “WHOEVER!” he replied. “Make it how you want man, your pretty good at this kind of stuff.”

Justin shrugged his shoulders and laid you slowly on the bed. “Hey, turn on the song. Just keep repeating it ‘till 10 minutes are up,” Justin called, then leaning over you on the bed once you both saw the red flashing on the camera light up. He got on top of you and grabbed your face in his heads, softly putting his lips against yours. You’re wrapped your fingers in his hair, pulling him closer to you. Any other person would think you were just a really good actress, with how you looked like you loved kissing him; how you really got into kissing him when they told you to...but you didn’t even have to act. You just kissed how you wanted, because you really did want to...

He seemed into it to, but you knew for sure he was just acting. Justin didn’t like you like that.

He moved his lips down to your neck and sucked romantically at it. You lightly pulled at his hair, wanting him to move back up to your lips. When he did, you kissed more intensely now, moving your lips in perfect sync with his, like they were meant to be put together. You felt his tongue mashed against yours as you kissed. In between kissed, Justin whispered, “Let’s...get up the street scene...where were...kissing...on the road...” he barely got the sentence out, moving back down to your lips after almost every other word. “Kay?” he asked.

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