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❤ Love is strange. (Jeff the Killer X Ben Drowned) ❤


// Hey bros hows it goin'? I am Zakuro-Chun the Shadow Beast! Now I wanted to write a fanfict about Jeff the Killer and Ben Drowned, I see alot of pictures and comics about them have only read 1 Jeff the killer X Ben fanfict it was good very good :) Now that gave me the inspiration to write my own fanfict about these two, shall we get started? Here we go bros Hope you enjoy//

Chapter 1: The Realm of Shadows

Ben's POV

Today was the best day of my life, I finally finished High school. I finally did it! I was so excited I was finally leaving high school for good, all my grades where good so I'm sure I would become a great killer. Not only I was leaving this hell hole I was moving in with Jeff the Killer in the Realm of Shadows, The realm of Shadows is the biggest realm in the underworld, I had never been there. Jeff was a student at this school as well he also finished high school today. He was my class mate but I don't know much about him. You see I was sort of a loner, I never really talked to anyone. I was alone I didn't have to share a room with any of the other boys in this horrible place.  I was alone and I was happy. The fact that I have to move in with Jeff is kinda depressing and it excites me as well, this would be the first time I had a room mate. Although I wanted to be alone I really wanted to meet him. Jeff was the most popular kid in our school. He was the best at everything. I was always behind him by just a little. That does make me angry a little but I guess he worked harder than me so he was better than me...I think...Like I said I never knew the guy. All I knew was he was a relative of Slenderman the king of the underworld. Slenderman also lives in the realm of Shadows. That's where his forest is located. I look up at the clock hung just above my bed. It was 05:00pm it was just a bit after sunset. "Agh why did I have to wake up so early?" I thought to myself. "Oh yeah...I have to meet up with Jeff" I finished packing all  my stuff. I only had two boxes. One for my cloths and the other for mt personal belongings. I didn't have much. Anyway I headed to the exit of the school where Jeff said for me to meet him. I seriously don't know why he asked me to be his the room mate in the first place I just accepted his offer unconsciously. Before I knew it I had a room mate....Well will have a room mate. I wait out side the school with the two boxes beside me. I see a black car drive up to me. It was Jeff. Jeff put down the window "Hey bro" He said with a smile as "H-hey..." I replied feeling kinda nervous. "You need a hand with those boxes?" "U-u-uh no...They're not to heavy...." Jeff looked at me and smiled. I felt weird....I felt really weird for some reason "Ok then Just put them in the back and hop in" I nodded and did as he said. I put m stuff in the one of the back seats and got in the front seat. "You ready?" He asked me cheerfully "Y-yeah..." Jeff started to drive. I looked out the window looking at the school. I saw as it grew smaller as we got farther. For the first time I think I missed that school. Every time I would look at Jeff I would feel weird, I would get butterflies in my stomach. I get really nervous. I have never felt this way before and I'm kinda scared...A few hours pass before we arrive at the border of the realm, that's when I started to drift of into sleep but before I did  fall  asleep  Jeff said "We'll be there in about 2 hours okay buddy." I heard him say and then I fell asleep.

-----------------------------------------Dream land wooosshhh ------------------------------------------

"Stabbing people is fun" I say as I dance around stabbing random humans in a forest. They where camping near the entrance to the underworld. But they didn't know that.And of course no humans are not allowed in the underworld so they have to be killed. It was plenty of fun but it ended soon. They where all dead. I go to the portal to the underworld. As I step in I'm teleproted to Slenderman's forest...Strange though. I was suppose to teleporte to the realm of Shadows....Oh well. I was a bit lost to be honest I don't really know the ins and outs of Slendy's forest. So I just stood there a bit confused. I decided to start walking, standing around would do nothing. But before I could take a step. I feel one hand wrap around my waist. And I feel the other hand cover up my eyes. "Guess who?" I heard the someone whisper in my ear. I stood there frozen. I don't know why but I felt uneasy. "Aww come on you have to know me. We're room mates after all"  "J-j-jeff?" I stutter "Yup" He says in a cheerful voice. I try to get his hand of my eyes "H-hey  let go of me" "And lets say I don't want to" He says pulling me closer to him. "J-j-j-jeff come on let...go" "Ok but only if you kiss me after I let go of you" He says "W-w-what?! I-i'm not doing that!" Jeff pushes me against a tree pinning me with one hand and the other hand still covering my eyes "Aww come on just a little one" I can feel his warm breath on my face. "J-j-jeff come on....Let go of me" "Fine then if you wont give me one I will give you one" He kisses my lips gently "J-je-" I try to say something but he crashes his lips into mine. He soon pulls away "Now wasn't that nice" He says "J-jeff let go o-" Jeff passionately kisses me.But this time he would just pull away for air and then he would then continue. the feeling was amazing. He took his hand of my eyes and started to nibble my sweet spot. I tried not to let out any sounds. He slowly took of my shirt, he was grinning. "J-jeff stop..." He stares into my eyes "So you're telling me you're not enjoying yourself?" "I-i never said anything li-" Before I could continue he kisses me again. "So if you're enjoying yourself I see no reason to stop"

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