Your Forever Is All That I Need *A Kellin Quinn Fan-Fic*


I woke up realizing I was late for school.

Holy shit. I ran to the bathroom to take a fast shower. It takes me around 15 minutes to pick out an outfit.

I wore a plain orange v-neck shirt and white shorts and my favorite light orange vans.Then I sliped on my white beanie,and ran down stairs to grab an apple for breakfast. I said goodbye to my mom and left. I walked to school, Hayley didn't pick me up but I didn't really need it anyways.

It was cold as shit outside it was late September which makes this place was colder. Well in Arizona at this kind of time it wasn't that cold, 'cause you know, dessert and stuff.

I arrived at school 5 minutes late and classes were starting already. I walked into our classroom and my teacher caught me.

"Good morning Ms. Winters" our teacher greeted me. I placed a half-smile on my face.
"I-I'm sorry"
"Okay go on, go take your seat" I nodded and sat down to my seat.

Kellin turned to me and smiled. He asked why I was late. I searched for an answer to Kellin's question, I told him, that I forgot to turn on my alarm and guessed my body clock was still freaked up.

The classes officially ended and I made my way to my locker quickly.

"Hey" I turned around and saw Hayley
"Hey" I smiled
"So we're having a welcome party for you, you know just to welcome you…” She laughed. I asked her when it was so I could ask my mom about it already. She said it will be tomorrow at her house. I told her I'd be there, even though I wasn't that sure.

I rushed home, my mom and I are having some lunch together. Having lunch with my mom was always boring. Since I can not ever relate to anything but the good thing about it is that I'll be eating food, extraordinary food that my mom will never cook because she isn't into cooking which I think was why my dad hated her, kidding.

I arrived home and I saw this box sitting on my bed it was wrapped in a pink paper. I hated pink it's too girly for me. I opened it slowly and saw this pink Sunday dress. Why pink for Christ’s sake. I was a bit confused I mean who would buy me this kind of thing?? I heard footsteps near my door, knowing it was my mom. I opened my door and saw my mom wearing a tight black dress and red pumps. She had her hair all fixed up, it's like she's having a date or whatever.

"Is this from you, mom?" I asked her
"Yes. Now go get dressed we're running a little late!" she was rushing putting her make up on.

"Okay, Okay" I closed my door and put on the dress. I looked at myself in the mirror and thinking "what am I going to do with my hair??" I decided to tie it up into a pony tail.

I'm still confused what's up with her all fixed up and some heavy-ish make-up. I mean when we have lunch with my mom's friends, we don't ever dress up like this, we wear casual clothes.

We left the house a bit late my mom was taking so much time on putting her make-up. I still don't even know what's so special about this "lunch". I stared at my mom as she drove to this fine-dining restaurant.

"D-do I look good? You're staring at me like there's something wrong"
"N-No nothing’s wrong" I mumbled
"Okay then stop staring at me please" I nodded and looked away

We arrived in the restaurant and I saw my mom mouthing something to this guy guessing we're meeting him. We walked towards the guy's table.

Before we arrived at the guy's table, I bumped into a guy, an average tall guy; he had about the same height as Kellin. He had a long dark brown curly-ish wavy hair up to his shoulders . He was wearing a pink button-up polo and brown casual pants. "Sorry" He smiled. I smiled back, I felt my cheeks burn, this wasn't the same feeling that I feel when I meet a guy. He was hot. I turned to follow my mom to the guy's table.

"Hey" the guy greeted
"Hey" My mom kissed the guy's cheeks. What the fuck?
"Kyle, I want you to meet Austin. Austin, my daughter, Kyle" I smiled at him.

Austin was tall and has a lot of tattoos and piercings. Well I find tattoos attractive, well a bit. He wore skinny jeans, you know casual clothes. And whoa look at me and my mom, well-dressed

"Nice to meet you Kyle" he smiled
"You must meet my son" I saw him smiling at the back. I turned around and saw the same guy I bumped into a while ago.
"Holy Shit"
"Hey you're the girl a while ago" he had the sweetest smile ever
"Kyle, meet my son, Vic" I smiled at him nodding my head
"Kyle...Isn't that a guy's name?" he asked
"I-I get that a lot" I laughed

We sat down beside each other as my mom and his dad talked about stuff while Vic and I talked and got to know each other.

"So where you from?" He asked
"We just moved to Florida a couples of months ago..."
"I and my dad are just living our lives together, my mom is gone... n-not dead but divorced."
"Same" I looked at him he smirked then nodded his head.

Listening to my mom and this guy, Austin, whatever he is in my mom's life, was quite fun. Austin was really funny, he makes jokes about everything. He was nice and yup, awesome.

"Hey mom can I go outside to get some fresh air" I interrupted.
"Sure honey"

Walking to the exit door, I saw Vic stand up and follow me. I made it outside and stood up in the heat of the sun. It was really chilly inside the restaurant. Vic was staring at me under the small roof giving him a shade, maybe thinking I was going to run away or something. I looked at him giggling.

"What's wrong?" I pulled him to get out of the shade. He giggled and took a tight grip to my hand.
"You hate the sun?" I asked him; squinting my eyes to see him better from the sun.
"No..." He laughed
"Okay then. Do want to take a walk?" I was still holding his hand but not lacing my fingers into his.
"S-sure" I pulled him and we walked.

Neither of us even knew where we were going we just walked and talked like we were friends. Well yeah we are but it was different.

We stopped at this Ice Cream parlor far away from the restaurant.

"Where are we anyway?" I asked him as he opens the light pink door of the Ice Cream parlor
"I don't know either" He laughed. "We'll go back to the restaurant after this" He added. I nodded my head while looking at the menu.

The restaurant was full of kids. I think it's a kid's shop but whatever.

"What's your order?" The lady from the cashier asked
"The Peppermint ice cream please" I told her
"Peppermint, huh?" Vic asked
"Yup, best among the rest" I smirked.
"You think so?" He laughed
"I know so" I winked.

He ordered his and we left the Ice Cream parlor. We continued talking about stuff. He was like his dad, he makes jokes. He was funny which made me laugh me ass off like literally. He would even point out some places I never knew since my mom never really allowed me to walk down the city.

The walk was fun... really fun and awesome.

We arrived back to the restaurant and we saw my mom and his dad where having fun. Well we did too.

We got settled but it was time to go.

We said goodbyes, and Vic asked for my number before we left, so of course I gave it to him.

"We should hang out some more, Kyle"


The picture is Kellin on the side ^_^

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Kellin Quinnas Kellin Quinn
Becca Louise as Hayley
Lexus Amandaas Kyle
Vic fuentesas Vic

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