Alpha love


Jake's pov

You never know what you can find on a run. You could find a bunch of things.

You could also find your mate.

It killed me the way she looked up at me then fell into unconsciousness. She looked so tiny. You could easily mistake her for a 16 year old. But her body structure told you different. She looked at around 18. Not to much younger than me, I was 19.

I slowly pulled her into my arms and looked her over. She still looked beautiful even with bruises and cuts. She was tiny, to tiny. She looked as if she had been starved for a long time. I ran back to the pack house but not hard enough to wake or hurt her. She looked fragile, like you could tap a arm and she would break into a million pieces.

My mate was broken.

But I would help her get better. I promised myself that nothing would hurt her ever again. I would risk my life for her. I would mark her right here and now if it didn't look like she would die when my teeth made contact with her skin.

I walked right in and closed the door with my foot. My beta Parker came over with his mate Rebecca right by his side. "Get the pack doctor now." I said using my alpha tone, I knew he would do it anyway but I was hurt. My mate was hurt and that caused me pain.

And I haven't even marked her yet.

See a wolf and their mate will feel each other's feelings when they are mated or what not. But I have barely touched her and my wolf was already howling with pain. The pack doctor came in and saw my pained face and immediately knew. He motioned me to come with him to his room and I did as told.

He pointed to the table and began to work IVs and morphine into her system. The pain subsided very little but to a point where it would only cause you to whimper in pain. I was not told to move. Nor would I stand for it unless it was to help her. The only soul I trusted right now was the doctor, also my father.

My father had gone to college and so had my mother. He was in the school of medicine while my mother had became a personal trainer. That is exactly why she is in charge of training our wolves and the highest ranking of our pack fighters.

My mother had found out she was pregnant with me when she was 21. The last year of college, she took the rest of her courses through a private teacher so she could take care of herself. Also because my father was in the department of medicine he had been the one to deliver me.

I was their only son. They could have no more children. Why? Because my mom had gotten something that is very rare and something happened with her reproductive organs. That's what my dad said at least. My mind wandered to what could have caused my mate this pain.

My blood boiled at the thought of something or someone hitting her. But I also know that is the most likely to have happened. I wish I would have found her sooner. I could have helped her escape that horrible life. The next question to enter my head was how long did this take place?

Months? Years? I had no clue. I just wanted the pain for my mate to be demolished completely. I wanted to know her name. I knew it had to be a beautiful name. There was no other option for my mate. She deserved the best and I was going to make sure it was given to her.


It had been three days. Three days and I haven't spoken to her. I haven't heard her speak. I haven't heard anything but her shallow breathing. Today was the day she was supposed to wake up. Her hand and finger tips would twitch slightly every few minutes or so.

Her bruises had mostly healed, she had gained weight with what father was giving her. The effect of being a werewolf allowed her to heal faster. Which I was grateful for. I hated seeing her like this, my father was sure that she would wake up any minute now. He said that she would be terrified of us... Due to her not knowing us.

I know it would break my heart if she didn't want me. I would die if she didn't want me. It would kill me on the inside and out. I had to show her that I will never hurt her, or let anyone touch her if it was not a comforting gesture. And I sure as hell won't let any other male touch her.

A tear slid down my face knowing that someone hurt her once. How could someone do that to such a beutiful creature? My Luna will never be touched again by any hands that intend harm. She deserves better than me. She needs the best man on earth that could help her through every trouble in life.

I'm just the future alpha of the Fevrince Wolf Pack. Sure we have quite a few wolves but we could be better. I will devote my life to saving my Luna.

"W-who are y-you?" I looked up to see the face of my mate who was barely able to speak. "I-I'm your mate." I spoke. She looked at me with fear in her eyes and backed away. More tears ran down my face as she shied away from my out stretched hand.

"Please. I'll never hurt you." I pleaded. A moment of trust flashed in her eyes before she inched her way to the side of the bed where I was. I couldn't take it anymore.

Rynn's pov

He pulled me into his arms and I automatically cringed from the contact. Truth be told I was terrified. "P-please don't h-hurt m-me." I pleaded into the boys chest. "Why would I hurt you? Who hurt you baby?"

"M-my pack."

"Princess, you haven't seen alpha love."


What do you think? I made it extra long for you guys just because I got so many reads that quick. Can I have some more votes? I would really appreciate them. It will get more entertaining in the next chapter when she gets introduced to the whole pack. Again thank you so much for reading my story.


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