Ross Lynch And Maia Mitchell (Love Story)


I wanted to spread their love! Okay. I'll also do Raura soon. Hope you enjoy!

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Ross's P.O.V

When I first met Maia I knew she was the one. She somehow just filled my heart with joy. That's when I heard the phone ring. It was Maia.

~The call~

Ross: Hey Maia.

Maia: Hey Ross!

Ross: Wanna hang out? Like now?

Maia: Of course! Now is perfect. 

Ross: Kay. See ya then.

~End of call~

Anyways, she's the one I need. I'm going to tell her at the beach today. Well, I'm going to get in my car. When I was driving, suddenly the song Crazy 4 U came on. I couldn't stop thinking about Maia. When I got to the beach, there I saw her beautiful self.  Just laying on a blanklet peacfully. And that's when Maia's voice awoke me from my train of thoughts. She said," Hey Ross! Wanna come swim with me?" I said yes. When we got into the water, I sudden'y said," Maia. I really like you. Will you be my girlfriend?" Hope filled my eyes as she started to answer. Suddenly a big wave came crashing over us. I went swimming for her and grabbed on to her slim waist. I carried her back to shore and carried her in the beach house.

Maia's P.O.V 

When Ross asked me to be his girlfriend. I knew I would say yes. But I didn't know how to word it. When that huge wave swept over us, I felt like I was about to die. If Ross hadn't been there to save me, you'd see me in the ground with a stone over my head. When I finally woke up. Ross was staring at me and said,"Now please answer the question?" I slowly and carefully said," Yes, I'll be your girlfriend, I'll be the best girlfriend." I saw his eyes fill with complete joy. Then he did his famous happy dance. I was wondering if someday I might be Maia Lynch. Hmm... We would have five children and move to New Jersey. 

Ross's P.O.V

I was so happy that I was almost jumping off walls. I took her by the hand and we walked back to the water. We swam for awhile. Then we just had a tan. I think she was staring at my 6-pack. I finally spoke,"Want to meet my family?" She nodded and we got in my car. I drove and we talked about our relationship. I said," What if this doesn't work out? It would destroy our friendship too!"

Maia's P.O.V

He was right, it could ruin our friendship, but I loved him. That was all that matters. When we got to the house, we saw Rocky on the floor crying.

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Why was wittle Rwocky cwying? You'll have to find out in the next chapter! Haha I'm evil! Well, it might be funny and interesting.


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