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Tired Of Sleeping Alone│Sterek Minific

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"Derek," The voice was small and wild and needy against Derek's ears, hot breath painting his already burning body. The voice's owner tugged at his ear-lobe, riding his hips slowly, calmly.

Derek was on fire, his knot swollen inside of the Youngers tight hole, their bodies stuck close together in an unbreakable bond. Derek's face was flushed with pleasure and his hair stuck on end, sharp claws digging into the brown comforter around them as he leant against the slim body, his right hand sifting locks of brown hair through each and every finger.

"Derek, god-" The voice purred and Derek was too blissed to care who it was, who the warm body was taking his pulsating knot.

The alpha was dripping in sweat, the hair on his wolf-shifted body sticking to his skin while the body atop of him felt even closer and he somewhat wondered who this angelic voice belonged to, why they rubbed their hands over his body in search of some sort of friction; like a soft caress and Derek melted under said hands, his head lulling back, his eyes glimmering over the silhouette atop of him, their hips swiveling and Derek cried out, dipping his head between the counterparts neck and shoulder where he staid, panting and breathing, gasping for the pleasure of air in his lungs but this creature stole it all.

They claimed it with their breath-taking, unforeseen beauty and Derek whined lowly into their neck, licking over the bleeding crevice where his teeth had pierced, the same area that would change the figure into a creature nearly matching Derek.

"D-Derek, Please." The voice whimpered, almost feminine but Derek was sure it came from a male, due to the stiff cock against his lower abdomen, smearing hot cum along his happy-trail. "Oh, Derek-feels so good." He breathed. "Can feel your knot swelling." And Derek lost it, collapsing and exploding the contents of his knot into the body around him, still attached as he unloaded and he howled, arching his body off the chocolate colored sheets before glancing up, his head wondering to his breeders face, one he hated dearly and deeply but in that moment the body dug nails into his chest in pure ecstasy and bit on their lips fiercely, shooting cum all over the mess of curly, animalistic chest hair with a cry.

And Derek cried back, griping the male's hips and shouting his name.

"Stiles!" Derek shot up, heart pounding, body sticky and shifted. He was wrapped in his own sheets, of his own bed at his recently acquired apartment.

He felt light headed and queasy, his body was shutting down at a rapid pace but he kept it to himself, kept the pain surging through his body with every step to himself...

Derek didn't know what was wrong, and had too much pride to tell anyone about it. He was an alpha, and pride was all they had, all that mattered in there worlds.

He rubbed his hands through his messy hair and down his stubble face. He'd shifted back to normal now and could feel his body light and tingling against the sheets after a heart stopping orgasm, even if it wasn't real. Because Stiles was real in his dreams, even if he was too much of a coward to do anything about the boy when he was awake. Because it was then he refused to admit it. Refused to accept the fact that he had a crush on a child, an underage, inexperienced teenage boy.

But maybe that was what dragged Derek in? His innocent life style, yet filthy mind and his raging hormones that Derek could smell every time he passed by, the scent of semen smeared on him, left over from a morning jerk and Derek knew that must have been what drove him absolutely nuts.

His wolf haven't picked the boy, no. Derek picked Stiles and it was a decision his wolf would have to live with for the time being. That is, if it could go a full moon without nearly getting him killed.

Just last full moon, Derek was awoken to sounds of gun fire as he ran rapidly through the woods, police patrol chasing a Werewolf, maybe not the best way to get yourself killed, but Derek never said his wolf was smart when he took control.

"Shit..." Derek sighed as he looked at his clock on the bedside table. It was nearly five in the morning and there was a sliver of morning shining through his window, a blue tint occupying it, along with the faint sound of his Radio, playing soft music that usually tamed Derek's inner needs to breed a frail dog in the alleyway. (Which never ended happily for the dog)

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Tyler Hoechlinas Derek Hale
Dylan O'Brienas Stiles Stelinski
Tyler Poseyas Scott Maccall

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