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Begging On Your Knees (Completed)

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Court House

Noah kept his composure that or he was in shock. My palms were sweaty and all of the sudden I felt like I had a sign on my head that said 'I know who killed Mr. Morris'

When court started I spotted Stella Morris sitting with a social worker. Stella's eyes were red and it looked like she would break at any moment.

Mrs. Morris was sat next to us on the defense side. She was in a orange jump suit she had handcuffs that tied to her ankle cuffs.

I turned around and saw poor little Stella, her eyes redder than ever I felt my heart crumble a little as I saw her.

I turned to Noah he kept a stern face but we both knew anything could happen. When the lawyer from the DA's office arrived we all stared.

Grayson Lance was top notch lawyer and he never lost a case. Not only was Grayson a hard ass but he was also a sexy ass. He was a dirty blonde with blue eyes and a chiseled body.

He took his seat on the other side of the isle and I got a little scared. Then I heard the words I dreaded.

"All rise for Judge Harrison."

Judge Harrison was a tough man he didnt mess around.

While the Judge Harrison was reviewing the case I saw that he had already made up his mind.

"Noah we have to tell the the truth!" I hissed.

"We have to run it by Mrs. Morris." he looked like a deer in the headlights.

"No. Look at Grayson, Lance he's going to make sure that Mrs. Morrison is put away for ever."

"Fine." he said.

"Will the defendants counselor please call it's first witness?" judge Harrison asked.

"Yes, we call Stella Morris to the stand." I saw Mrs. Morris from the corner of my eye and she looked ready

Stella sat in her chair but could barely see over it.

"Stella will you tell me what happened that night, that night your daddy was killed?"

"My daddy came into my room again, he put his hand in my pajamas and started touching me telling me soon it would feel normal." she got tears in her eyes. "I was scared he was doing those things that only grown ups do."

"Stella how long had your dad been doing this."

"Since grandma got sick, mommy used to have to take care of grandma, so she would stay over there and daddy would do it then."

I saw Mrs. Morris cry.

"So Stella who killed your daddy?"

"I did sir."

The crowd erupted, everyone was in shock, there was not a dry eye in the house even my eyes were wet. The only pleasure I had was watching Greyson's eyes bulge out of their sockets.

Judge Harrison snapped out of his shock. "ORDER, ORDER IN THE COURT." he banged his gavel

"We will resume tomorrow."

"You guys sure do play dirty." Greyson said.

"Excuse me!" I hissed. " Do you think what just occured in there was a freaking episode of 'Days of Our Lives"?" I was furious. "Sorry to break it to you Lance but what happened in there was very real and that little girl is really hurt." Noah pulled me away before I slapped that pretty face of Lance's

"Did you see Mrs. Morris' face?" he asked.

"Seriously don't remind me right now, that was the worst court of my life, and I have had bad court dates!"

"How are we going to prove Stella killed her dad."

I groaned. "Very long night."

I was glad that tonight I wouldn't have to go home to sleepless sheets.

As we reached my office, I realized were Noah and I had to get our information. The evidence lockers. Groaning I headed to my car.

And there he was just like before sitting on the hood of my car like he had no life of his own. Ethan Carter.

"What is it now?!" I groaned impatiently

"Chloe I wanted to come by and give you your stuff."

I put my hands out. "Okay hand it over."

"Just like that?"

"Well what do you expect Carter?"

He looked hurt at the fact that I called him by his last name. "Do you want me to beg for my crap back?"

"No but for once will you fight for me?"

I laughed. "Seriously is that the card that you wanna play?"

"I want-" my slap cut him off.

He grabbed my arm and held it tight. " Chloe stop with the slaps!" I tried to struggle free. When I heard Noah running and yelling after me.

"Get your fucking hands off her!" Noah yelled at Ethan.

"Who the fuck are you?!"

"Noah Parker the owners Son!"

"Haha. So maybe you didn't bang the boss, huh Chloe you probably just sucked up the son." he said with a smirk.

Then that smug smirk came right off as Noah was hitting him. Punches were flying and there was blood all over the cemented slide walk.

"Noah please get off, please c'mon Noah we have a case in the morning! PLEASE!" hearing my words he slowly let him go.

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