Imagines :)


"Raeann, I have something to tell you.." Niall said, looking down as he held your hands in his.

"What is it?" You asked in confusion.

"I have to go on tour.." Niall said.

"Thats great." You smiled fakely.

"But, I don't want to leave you.." He said sadly. You smiled half heartedly.

"You have to babe, it's your job. You go have fun touring the world with Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn." I say, rubbing his shoulder.

"I wish you could go.." He said.

"I wish I could to but I have-"

"Work, yeah I know." He said. You work at a animal shelter.

"The puppies will be fine without you for a few months.." He said, trying to persuade me. I laughed.

"No, the need me. If they don't get adopted, they get killed Niall. You know that.."

"I know." He sighed. He looks up and his eyes flicker from your eyes to your lips, and you kiss him.

"Now, lets go get some ice cream and go to the park." You grin, trying to cheer him up with food. He grins and you two skip out the door, walking to the ice cream parlor.

"One Chocolate Chip Fudge sundae and A Vanilla Banana split please." Niall says, pulling out money and paying.

"Hey, I should be paying, I invited you." I joked. He smiled. "A gentleman always pays though, it's a rule. Just like a gentleman always holds the door for a lady, and lets them do everything first." He said. Aw, he knows how to treat a girl.

"Aww." I grin, as we take our ice cream and go swing on the swings, and climb on the monkey bars, and even playing football with the neighborhood kids. "I love you." Niall says. "I love you too." You smile.

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