Hiding Our Love (Royce)


(Two Days Later)



We Were In The Game Room. Ray & Roc Were Playing Air Hockey. Then, Prodigy & I Was Playing Just Dance 4 On The Wii. Dancing To “Run The Show” & Talking… 


Prodigy: (Low Tone) Did You Tell Ray? 


I Shook My Head & Then Prod Pushed Me. I Scoffed. 


Princeton: (Rolls His Eyes) Blame Roc.. 

Prodigy: (Sighs) We Gotta Get This Over With… 

Princeton: (Groans) When?? 

Prodigy: Now! (Yells) Band Meeting Now!

Ray Ray: (Groans) NOT NOW!!! I’M SOOOOO… YOU BITCH! 

Roc: HA! I Won! 

Ray Ray: (Hits Prod) I WAS CLOSE MAN!!!!

 Prodigy: (Rolls His Eyes) Nigga Come On… 

Ray Ray: Manee This Betta Be Important Yo!


They Went First As I Was Beside Roc… He Asked What It For… I Gave Him The Look & He Groaned & Face Palmed Himself… We Went Into The Pool House & Prodigy Kicked Out The Camera Men Covering The Windows… He Walked Around & Made Sure There Wasn’t Any Secret Cameras… Then Looked At Us. 


Prodigy: Tell Him. 

Roc: (Confused) Tell Him What? 

Prodigy: Don’t Make Me Clock You Upside Your Head Tell Him!

Ray Ray: (confused) Tell Who What? 


Prodigy Looked At Us. I Groaned. 


Roc: I Don’t Wanna Tell Him… 

Prodigy: WHY NOT?!

Ray Ray: (Annoyed) TELL WHO WHAT?!

Princeton: (Sighs) We’re Dating… 

Ray Ray: (Confused) Who?

Princeton: (Sighs) Roc & I… 

Ray Ray: (Eyes Widen) WOAH!!! 

Princeton: (Looks Down) yea… 

Ray Ray: Mhmm, That’s It? 

Prodigy: (Nods) Yea… DON’T TELL ANYONE RAY RAY!

Ray Ray: (Fake zips His Mouth) My Mouth Is Sealed…

Princeton: (Smiles) Good! 

Ray Ray: So, Ummm Princeton I have A Question… 

Princeton: (Nods) Yea? 

Ray Ray: Did You Getting Raped Turn You Gay? 


I Looked Down… I Didn’t Know The Answer To The Question Nor, Thought About It Like That… 


Princeton: (Unsure) No… 

Ray Ray: Oh Well, Ok…. (Starts Walking To The Door) Roc I’m Ready To Kick Yo Ass In Air Hockey. 

Roc: (Chuckles) Whatever Nigga! (Walks Off With Ray Ray) 


I Kept Thinking On That Question… Prodigy Put His Hand On My Shoulder… I Looked Up & Smiled Faintly. He Wiped My Tear Away… 


Prodigy: Are You OK??? 

Princeton: Yea, I Just Never Thought About It Like That… 

Prodigy: (Sighs) Don’t Worry About It… 

Princeton: (Sighs) What If He Has A Point… 

Prodigy: You Love Roc For Him Right? 


I Nodded. He Smiled & Hugged Me Tightly. 


Prodigy: See, Nothing To Worry About… 

Princeton: But, After I Got Raped I Started To Fall In Love With Roc… Before Then I Only Liked Girls. What If I’m Just Using Him… I Don’t Deserve Him (Sniffles) Ray Ray Is Right… I only Think I’m Gay Because I Got Raped & Came… I Don’t--- 


That’s When Prodigy Grabbed Me & Shook Me. 


Prodigy: Calm Down, You’re Just Taking Someone Comment & Over Thinking It… I’ve Seen The Way You Would Sneak Glares At Each Other You’re In Love With Him So Calm Down! Ok???


I Nodded.. He’s Right… I Am Just Overreacting Like Usual… I Love Him & he Loves Me… Nothing In This World Will Change That…  


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