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Jack wandered through the hallways, his face sunken beneath his dark blue mask.

The halls were empty, lacking any other soul apart from his. The silence was rather unnerving, but Jack was pretty used to it.

He glanced to the many doorways, looking for another person that could possibly help him to answer his question. His face sank even further beneath that blue mask of his, as he realised that his efforts were futile.

Jack sulked, slowly dragging himself into the living room, before plopping himself down onto the couch. He acted like his mood - slowly sinking into the soft couch, almost disappearing in the material altogether. "Gah...somebody kill me," he muttered.

Silence followed, and he let out a long, depressed sigh. Even the dark, bottomless pits of what he'd call his 'eyes' seemed to be sulking.

Hearing the soft padding of footsteps, he darted upright to stare at the door. The wooden surface swung open, and another male strode in casually.

"Jeff," Jack brightened up. "Can I ask you a question?" He stared, his eyes would have been pleading if he had any.

Jeff stared blankly, before muttering a 'no' and walked back out.

Jack whined quietly, before going back to sulking. "Why does no one care?" He mumbled out loud.

"Care about what?"

Jack looked up, seeing a tall man looming over him. "SLENDY!" Jack grinned beneath his mask. Why didn't he think of asking him sooner!? Slender Man would be the most help!

"I asked you a question," Slender Man's voice vibrated through Jack's mind. "Why doesn't anybody care about what?"

"Care about the fact that I've been needing help for the past MONTH!" Jack waved his arms. "My patience is wearing thin! I NEED help!"

Slender Man sighed lightly, before taking a seat on a lone wooden chair opposite Jack. "How can I be of assistance?" He asked begrudgingly.

Jack sat upright in his chair, placing his hands on his lap. "I have no idea if you have any idea on this, but surely you MUST have an opinion!"

"Get on with it. I have things to do," Slender Man tapped his fingers against the wooden chair's arms.


"How do you tell someone you love them?"


Slender Man stared, words failing to come to him. Jack waited patiently, staring intently at the being opposite him. "You just.... tell them?" Slender Man said, his words coming out more of a question than an answer. "I have had no experience with these types of things... you people would call..... emotions..."

Jack groaned. "You were no help at all," he said dully, before standing up, shoving his hands into his trouser pockets. "My last resort is BEN..."

"Good luck," Slender Man waved as Jack exited the room.

~Time Skip~

"Dude... you are messing up my game," BEN narrowed his eyes as he again tried to play a video game. "Stop talking and go away."

"But I need help!" Jack whined, bouncing up and down from his cross-legged position on the floor. "You're my only hope at love!"

BEN paused his game, and turned to Jack with a half confused, half perverted look. "Love?" He repeated, staring at Jack through his blonde bangs. "Yes," Jack nodded in reply. "Can you help me?"

Sighing, BEN put down the Nintendo 64's control pad and turned so his whole body was facing the other male. "Love," he said again. "So what exactly do you need my help with? If you're crushing on ME you can get out of this room right now and never return."

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