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The Lost Namikaze. (Naruto Fanfiction.)


*Naruko's P.O.V.*

"Finally!" I cheered as I saw the gates of Konoha. I would be there in about.... now. Hehe. I saw the guards at the gates and they looked up when they heard my footsteps. "Hi!" I chirped happily to them.

"Uh.. Hi." One of them said. "State your name and purpose."

"I'm Naruko Namikaze!" I said cheerily. I'm in a good mood right now. Their eyes widened. Yeah, I know I'm the Fourth's daughter and the Namikaze princess so if I was them I'd be surprised too.

"Go straight to the Hokage. He's in the tallest building, you can't miss it." The other one said.

"Mkay, see ya." I walked into Konoha and searched for the largest building. I found it.

I walked up the flights of stairs and came to a room with 'Hokage' written on it. I knocked on the door and heard a male voice say 'Come in'. I did just that.

I walked in and there was the Hokage, sitting in his chair behind his desk. He looked surprised to see me but then smiled at me, "Hello, what is your name?".

"Naruko Namikaze!" I beamed happily at him.

"Are you Minato's daughter?".


"You look a lot like him."

"I get that a lot, hehe."

"Well, are you a ninja?".

"Yep! And some day I'll be Hokage!".

"Would you like to participate in the Chuunin Exams?".

"Yes, of course I would! Thank you!".

He chuckled and gave me a key, leaf headband and map, "This is the key to where your parents used to live and heres a map so you can find your way around," He took out a little envolope and handed it to me, "And this is some money."

I was grinning from ear to ear. Seriously, I was smiling so much it hurt. I ran behind his desk and hugged him. "Thank you, Hokage-sama!".

"Your welcome, Hime-sama.".

I forgot I was a princess. I pulled away and kept on smiling.

"Feel free to wander around the village."

"Arigato." I walked out and headed for my parents' old home. The Hokage had circled some places for me, like the place where the Chuunin Exams would be; the Academy, a ramen shop, etc.

I got home and unlocked the door. It was actually clean. Weird. It was a nice, normal place. It had pictures of my parents around the place. Needless to say, I loved it.

I put away my stuff and walked out, locking the door after me and slipping the key into my weapon pouch. I walked around the village aimlessly, just looking around.

Then I heard yelling, so I decided to check it out.

There was a guy wearing all black and a hat with kitty ears, a blonde girl with four ponytails and a giant fan on her back, a girl wearing all pink even her hair was pink, a blonde guy in an orange jumpsuit and three little kids.

Okay, so, the guy in the kitty hat was holding up one of the kids and looked like he was about to punch him, the little kids were scared about it, and the blonde guy and pinky were not to happy about it.

This is where I step in.

"Yo dude. Put. The. Kid. Down. Now." I said happily. I was behind him and the girl with the fan. Everyone jumped a little and turned around to look at me.

"Oh yeah? Why should I?" He asked cockily. A dark look made its way onto my face.

"You don't want to know.." I said evilly, which visibly sent shudders down their spines.

"Psh, yeah. Like a little girl like you could hurt me." This caused me to smirk.

I went faster than the eye could see as I grabbed the kid and put him on the ground. They looked a little shocked.

The kitty guy got pissed and lifted me off the ground in a hold like the one he had the kid in. "You're another brat to piss me off."

I smirked and his face faltered. I grinned and kicked him in a place where a man never wants to be kicked. He immediately dropped me and fell to the ground holding the hurt area and rolling around in pain.

Then a rock flew out of a tree and hit him in the head. We all looked up to see a guy with duckbutt hair sitting there, tossing a rock up and down in his hand, trying to look cool. And before you knew it the little girl, pinky, and the girl with the fan were all fangirling.

"Not another one," Kitty groaned. "Why did you kick me in the nuts?!".

Everyone then turned their attention back to me. I rubbed the back of my head while smiling a closed eye smile sheepishly.

"Gomen, my foot slipped." I giggled. They little kid I saved looked up at me.

"Thank you for saving me!" He smiled. I giggled.

"No problem, uh..." I trailed off not knowing his name.

"Konohamaru." He told me.

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