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❤ Haunted for Love ( Princeton / Mindless behavior story)❤


(Prince pov) 

" to me!" I said as she drifted away from me."No,prince cause this shit ain't normal!"✋she said. 

Me-I know 

YN-and I have to stay away from you,For Karen and her baby's safety. 

Me-God! Why this have to happen to me!! 

YN-prince..I like you,Like,I really like you but we can't be together.Control yo crazy dead ass ex.then that's when we can be together. BUT THIS!*points at me and her*IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN WITH THAT CRAZY BITCH RUNNING AROUND HERE LIKE ITS NORMAL GOSH 



PRINCE-LOOK,JUST LET ME HANDLE THIS,don't worry about her. 

YN-no,we just can't be together with her around...Im sorry . 

She stormed off out of the room as I ran after her the door shut and I heard an evil laugh. 

Me-IM tired of you !! Damn Paris! 

Paris-why do you want her?! 

Me-why do you want me!? 

Paris-oh this is payback for the way you treated me. 

Me-look I'm sorry I treated you that way and I'm sorry you wanted to take your own life but I have a life of my own ,and I'm not gonna let you ruin it,  

Paris-if you don't leave YN alone i'll ruin Karen,ray's and the baby's life,and they'll hate you for it. 

Me-ima call a ghost buster to get rid of you  

Paris-then I'll turn into a demon and haunt down your family for generations to come 

Me-I hate you. 

Then she disappeared when I walked out the door everyone was silent and looking at me  

Roc-I'm sorry prince but you gonna have to go 

Prod-don't take it personal but its for our own safety 

Me-I understand.

*later on that night* 

I was packing my bags and it was storming outside,even though its summer I found that odd. 

They all stood by the door and waited for me to leave. I gave the girls a hug and told the boys bye I twisted the door nob and it wouldn't open. 

I kept on yanking it and the power went out!! "Roc!!!" I heard Toya yell"prod!!" I heard nicki yell out. I felt someone soft hands grab on to me and I already knew it was YN."I found a flashlight"ray said.he turned it on and flashed it at everybody,prod eyes were red as if he'd been crying all night or high as fuck,but no one really paid any attention to it.We started walking to the living room and we all were sitting down looking confused like after someone gets shot on the block and everyone just standing outside."this is all your fault"nicki said. 

Me-I know 

Toya-don't blame this all on him,it's not his fault his ex girlfriend is loco,and haunting him  

Prod-well if he would've treated her better then maybe this would've never happened 

Prince-you guys are right. 

Karen-isn't someone missing? 


Toya-oh shit we just forgot about him. 

We hear a thump coming from the back. 

Toya-tf was that? 

Ray-ion know but ion going to see I ain't Tryna get killed 

Prod-you ain't gon get killed nigga-_- 

Ray-then you go 

Prod-hell nah 

Ray-well I got a baby on a way 

Nicki-how about prince go see what's wrong? 

me-how about you shut up 

Prod-don't talk to my girl like that  

Me-tell her to keep her mouth shut then  

YN-guise no fighting 

Roc-ill just do it,y'all some little bitches 

Prod-nah nigga you just stupid 

Toya-babe don't go 

Roc-nah lets just go so these niggas could stop actin scared 

Toya-then I'll come with you 

Roc-aight but stay behind me 

Prince-it is not that serious 

Roc-then how about you get up and see what going on 

YN-they're so cute together.

(Roc pov) 


Me and Toya started walking toward the back,as she walked behind me breathing hard on my back cause she's scared,I opened up the see through slide door Jacob drops from the balcony,breathing hard,we rushed to him to see what's wrong, he then points to the balcony ,and we see Paris looking down winking at me and then she disappears. 

Toya -oh hell nah. 

Me-don't worry about that 


Everyone else came to see Jacob laying down Tryna breath 

YN-do something!CPR or some shit 

Nicki -you do it YN you the only one that's single 

YN-no I'm no- ok 

YN bend over and gave Jacob CPR and it worked.

(Your pov) 

After I was done giving Jacob 

CPR .Prince's eyes burned my back. 

We all got back in the house and the power was still off. We were all a little wet cause when we were outside it was still raining a little .

(Prince pov) 

Yeah I was salty that her lips touched Jacobs I mean I understand that it was for saving his life but I'm just the jealous type. 

After a while they all Agreed that I couldn't leave this house cause Paris wouldn't let me ,prod walked in putting his phone in his pocket.

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Jacob perezas Prince
Selena Gomezas Paris

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