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To be a Winchester (A 'Supernatural' Fan Fiction)

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Heyyyy peoples! So, most of you reading this right now will probably be reading this because you're also reading "Death Couldn't Part Us, The Other Gilbert Girl's sequel". For that reason I have to say this: The name used for my character is incredibly similar to the name used for a very very very recently introduced person in DCPU, except alterred just a bit. You'll see what I mean. But just so you know, the names are similar because I like the names, not because they're the same person. This is purely a supernatural fan fiction :)

So, the reaosn I'm writing one of these is because two weeks ago today I decided that fourteen was old enough to not be scared by freaky demons and to appreciate the incredibly awesome impala and how nice looking Dean and Sam Winchester are... Seeing as I started watching twoo weeks ago and I'm trying my hardest to catch up, I finished season 2 today. If you're gonna comment (which would be awesome) and you're gonna mention happenings in the show, please don't mention anything past season 2 for spoiler reaons please! Taaa :) 

Okay, so here's the first chapter, thanks for reading it and please vote, comment and become a fan! Oh, and just one more thing to clarify before we start:

The Demon will have got to Baby Sam, but when Mary Winchester saw him in Sam's nursery, the Demon simply disappeared. Then, eight years or so later, the demon comes again for baby Magdalen (Maggie) and this time the whole house fire happens. That's about the only difference here :) 

Don't own image, Don't own song, don't own supernatural or any of the dialogue down thre that you recognise. Some of it is taken from "pilot", some of it is my own. I own Maggie, but not Dean or Sammy  :'( And also, sorry if some of my American terminology is wrong. I'm really not American. I'm British. Really British. Well, half English, quarter Irish, quarter Welsh. But British, yeah :) So, if you're American or you just know this stuff anyways, feel free to correct me :)


One - Hitting the road


The sound of movement broke through my unconscious state and dragged me sharply from my sleep. Dad had always taught the three of us to be alert, even when we were sleeping, so Dean, Sam and I were pretty light sleepers. I bolted upright in the lumpy motel bed, feeling instinctively under my pillow for the gun that Dean made me keep there as a precaution.

“Relax, Maggie, it’s just me,” My brother assured me, his voice still a little husky from early morning lethargy.

“What time is it?” I asked, squinting as I took in the light of the latest motel room Dean and I had taken residence in.

“A quarter after six,” Dean replied. “Come on, get up; we gotta hit the road.”

“It’s too early,” I moaned, burying my face in my pillow and pulling the quilt over my head.

“Maggie,” Dean warned, his voice muffled by the blanket pressed over my ears. I moaned in response. Seconds later, the pillow was yanked from underneath my head.

“Leave me alone!” I whined, pulling the quilt tighter around me to compensate for the now lack of pillow.

“Magdalen Rae Winchester, get the hell up or I swear on the impala I’ll-”

“Okay, I’m up!” I sighed, moving the quilt from my face and peeking through the gap at my oldest brother.

“Good,” He beamed. “Now go shower and get dressed, I wanna get to Palo Alto before I go grey.”

“Too late,” I muttered as I forced myself out of bed, dodging the hand that he sent towards the back of my head. Then, his words sank in, “Palo Alto? As in, California?”

“I figured we could swing by Stanford, then go and try to find Dad. Sound like a plan?” Dean grinned.

“We’re going to go see Sammy?” I asked, a growing smile appearing on my face.

“Well, unless we have some other brother who went all ‘I want to be normal’ and ran away to college, then yeah,” Dean replied, but he said it with a grin on his face. He and Sam hadn’t seen eye to eye on Sam’s desire to go to college, and Dad even more so. I really had no problem with it, maybe hoping to go myself eventually, but I had sure as hell missed Sammy. It had been four years since I’d last seen him, when I was ten years old and he was eighteen, and it’d been the longest four years of my life.

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To be a Winchester (A 'Supernatural' Fan Fiction)


Jenson Acklesas Dean Winchester
Jared Padaleckias Sam Winchester

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