Never Give In (Andy Biersack FanFic)


Heyy Guys!

Here's my first book!

I'm writing a trilogy!!!!

It's gonna be a vampire story!!!

Ok, so here is the prologue!!!!!!!!!




Fawn's P.O.V.



I started to quicken my pace, away from the man that said he was my "father". "Get back here you bitch!" I heard him yell behind him.

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I looked around in bewilderment, trying to seek refuge. I decided to run into a dark ally way. I hid deep in the darkness, watching my drunk "father" run past and smack into a wall. "SUCK IT BUTTPICKLE!" I yelled into the emptiness.

I suddenly had a feeling someone was following me. And I was correct for I felt someone tackle me to the cold ground.


Andy's P.O.V.  (Before he gets Fawn)



"Ash, where are the humans, I'm freaking HUNGRY!" I growled. Ash chuckled. "Calm your tits, here comes two." Ash replied coolly. I spotted two humans, a grown man chasing a smaller little girl. "Get back here you bitch!" I heard him exclaim.

"Ash, take the man, I got the girl, I think we have a new addition." Ash looked at me confused and raised his eyebrow. "Your turning her aren't you?" I nodded feebly.

"Dude, she has the star, it looks just likes Jake's." I said. Ash looked on her shoulder and saw the star birthmark. His eyes widened.

"Yes, we must turn her, she's an important one, Jake's long lost sister I believe." Ash giddily said. "Ok, ok, go tackle your human." I said. Ash nodded and flashed off into the darkness.

I quietly jumped down and followed the girl into the ally. At just the right time, I jumped and tackled her.




Fawn's P.O.V.




I struggled. I looked up and saw two bright blue glowing eyes. "W-W-who are you?" I studdered in fear. "We know your brother, we've been looking for you for a very long time." The guy replied. I have to admit, he's hot.

I saw his eyes turn red and fangs sprout from his gums. "Fawn, I'm Andy, I'm going to turn you into a vampire. You come from a great legacy of vampires, you can be with your brother." Andy gently said. "Jake..." I whispered.

Andy nodded and gave me a small crooked smile. I saw him cut his arm. He held his wrist over my mouth. "Open your mouth." he gently said.

The cold metallic blood dripped into my mouth and down my throat. "Ok, this will hurt alittle right now and when you wake up, but trust me, it's worth it." Andy said.

He placed his two big hands on me. One on the side of my head, and the other on my shoulder. "You'll see him soon." Andy whispered to me.

He jerked his hands. I heard a snap and pain filled the side of my neck.

I caught one last glance at Andy and gripped onto his hand. His deep yet somehow bright red eyes met mine. Then, I was swallowed into darkness.



Andy's P.O.V.




She's hot. C'mon Andy, stop it, mark her as your mate later. I gently picked her up bridal style. I walked out of the dark and looked around for Ash. I shrugged and started running. In about 1 minute I was in front of the house.

I opened the door and walked in. "Jake, I have a little surprise for you!" I called out. I heard footsteps thunder down the stairs. Jake, Sandra, and Jinxx came in.

(A/N I'm aware that CC is the drummer now but you'll see where this goes. -.-)

"Oh my Jinxx, Fawn?" Jake said rushing up to me. "I turned her, I knew she would be just like you." I said. "YES FINALLY ANOTHER GIRL!" Sandra exclaimed.



Fawn's P.O.V.



I heard voices all around me when I opened my eyes. They met chocolate brown ones. My eyes widened and a smile etched into my face. "JAKE!" I screamed.

I sat up and hugged him tightly. After about 10 minutes later, I had became best friends with Sandra, we'd be sharing a room.

"Well, I guess it's time for Fawn's first hunt." Jake smirked. I heard my tummy growl. "Stupid tummy SHUT UP!" I yelled.




There you go!

On the side is a pic of Fawn!

The video is BVB's song "Done For You"

Stay Furby!

-Lauryn xxx :) 

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