my life at hogwarts

Ok I got 5 reads which is good enough for me I'm easy. Ok that sounded sluty . Lol. Lalala I'm so hyper ok here goes.

* beep beep * ugh my first day at hogwarts. If moving to england didn't ruin my life this definitely will. U can't guess wat was running through my mind when I found out that I was a freakin witch and was going to a school that was called ' hogwarts ' it sounded like a booger. ' Oh no johny boy just picked a hogwarts ' ugh. " ALY GET DOWN HERE GOSH HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE FOR U TO GET READY!".
As I got out of bed I looked at my full length mirror. I had big blue eyes. Perfect body with the curves in the right places. And long flawless legs. Everybody said I was beautiful with my past my shoulder black hair and side bangs but I always seem to find something wrong with me.
I took a shower put on some skinny jeans , my black and white converse and my black family force 5 shirt. Put on some black nail polish since it only always took me like three minutes and look like I had them done on a rich ass salon and put on xtra eyeliner. And ran down stairs. " took you long enough"
" omfg where micky she's gone where is she u didn't cook her where is she" I xploded. Micky was my pure white owl and I had her 16 years which is ... My whole life. " omg its send to ir room already and so is all ur hot topic shizel ok so chill "
" it? No its name is micky and who said that they could touch my stuff?"
" I did honey and u really should get use to it since ur gonna b the richest pers.. Or witch at hogwarts . Yeah yeah I know we all kept it a secret. Don't worry" " good now we shall take u to the train.let's go I'm ready."

So what do you think. Should I continue . Send me a message . My goal is to put it on the ' what's hot ' list. Yay . Thanks for reading.
Peace and lovey dovey

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