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Justin Bieber -Dirty Imagines-


Nicole POV

I sat in my bed playing a skate boarding game on my PS3. I looked to my door as I heard a knock "Yah?" Justin my Bestfriend walked in. I grinned and jumped up huggin Justin. Jason my brother laughed shaking his head. "You guys are weirdos, so who's up for COD!?" Justin fist pumped him and the put it on. "Hey I was playing that!" They chuckled. I rolled my eyes. "I'm gunna get in the shower don't trash my room you two." They waved me off. I rolled my eyes and walked into my bathroom that was connected to my room. I stripped down and jumped into the shower washing my body and hair. I jumped when I heard the door open. "I had to piss, I'm not look I swear!" I chuckled and shut the water off. "Will you give me my towel Jay?" I opened the glass and peaked out to him. He handed me the towel, I stepped out and wrapped it around me. He licked his lips, "Thought you weren't looking" I smirked, he chuckled "I couldn't help if Nic" he grabbed my hips and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around his neck pressing my body against him. He moaned and slid his hand into my towel and made his way to my wet entrance and sucked on his tongue. He jumped back as Jason knocked on the door "Hurry up you slow ass, it's doesn't take an hour to take a Piss" Justin chuckled and let go of me. I pulled the door open and got some clothes out of my closet. "Jay can you help me?" Justin sat the controller down and came over to me. "Yep?" "I cant reach the box" I stood on my tippy toes and tried to reach for it again. Justin stood behind wrapping his arms around me and kissed my neck "Who said you needed clothes anyway?" I giggled "Just get it down for me Jay" he rolled his eyes and grabbed it. I tried to grab it before he tried to open it but he was a lot taller and held it up so I couldn't grab it. "Jay!" He smirked "Aww is Nicole to short?" He smirked "Jas help me! Tell him to give it to me!" Jason chuckled and shook his head "Throw it over here bro!" Justin smirked and threw it to Jas. I groaned "Guys stop! Just give it to me!" I threw a couple shoes at Jason. He laughed and threw it to Justin.

I tackled him to the bed and reached for his arm. "Justin! Damnit! Give me it you fuck face!" He laughed and looked down at me licking his lip. My breast pressed against his chest and my towel became looser giving him a good look. I slid up his waist sitting up on him. "Jay give it to me please" I pouted and moved my butt against him. He groaned and let the box go and grabbed my waist. I leaned down acting like I was gunna kiss him but reached for the box, my eyes shot up to it and I groaned as Jason had it now. I sat back up "Jas! Why are you on his side!" Justin smirked and sat up "Cause Bros stick together" I rolled my eyes. "You guys suck dick" They laughed "No that's you baby, on my dick every night" Justin whispered in my ear and bit it "Fuck off." He smirked "Open it Jason, what's so important you need to make a fuss" "Dont!" Jason smirked and pulled it open. I laid my head in Justin neck. His chest vibrated from laughing "Why'd you want your toys huh baby?" He dug his fingers into my side tickling me. "Stoppp! You guys are mean!" I pushed off of him and started for the bathroom. Jason grabbed me by the waist and chuckled "Your sucha baby Sis" "No you guys are mean!" Justin got up and stood in front of me "Your the one that wanted to masturbate" my face turned so red. I wiggled in Jason grip. They both laughed. Justin grabbed my hips pulling me to his chest. He licked his lips and leaned down and kissed my neck. I held his neck and moaned as he kissed my soft spot. "Jay" he slid his hand into my towel and pushed it off, letting it fall to the ground. I moaned and leaned my head back as I felt Jason rough hands grab my hips pulling me into him as Justin gripped my chest.

I arched my back pushing my ass into Jason. He groaned and kissed the other side of my neck sucking and biting. He always liked ass better than boobs and he was always rough, well that's what my friends say. I bit my lip as Justin pushed into me his bulge growing every second. I slid my hand down his chest and unbuttoned his pants. He slid a hand down my stomach and teased me running his fingers over my clit. I moaned and tugged his shirt off and pushed his pants down. I bit my lip and ran my hands over his abs. He lightly ran his fingers over my folds and bit my neck. "Beg for it" I moaned and grinded against Jason. He groaned and held my hips pushing himself against me. I just realized he had took his shirt and pants off cause his chest pressed against my back. "Justin please" "Please what" I groaned "Touch me Jay! Fuck me with your made to pleasure fingers babe" he licked his lips and slid a couple into me. I moaned and leaned my head against Jason shoulder. He kissed my neck more and sucked on my soft spot. Justin slammed his fingers into me again and again, thrusting them faster each thrust. I moaned as Jason rubbed my clit and Justin curled his fingers inside me hitting my g-spot. "Justin! Fuck, I'm gunna cum Jay" I arched my back into Jason. He gripped my hip and grabbed my chest. I moaned and felt the hot liquid run down my thigh. My chest rose and I moaned as Jason kissed my jaw and my lips holding my face. I bit his lip pulling back. Justin licked the cum off my thighs and massaged my chest. I held his neck and kissed him. He devoured my mouth not missing a spot. I slid my hand into his boxers and gripped his rock hard shaft. He groaned and thrusted into my hand. I bit his lip pulling back and letting go of him. He groaned, I pushed him down on the corner of my bed and gripped his shaft. I leaned down and slid my mouth onto him. He groaned and gripped my hair. Jason squeezed my ass, as it was sticking up now. I thumbed his slit and bobbed my head up and down. He groaned "Fuck Nicole" he gripped my hair and thrusted into my mouth. I massaged his balls as he slid down my throat making me almost gag. I gasped as Jason pushed into me from behind. I looked up at Justin pleasures face and grazed my teeth against him, he moaned and grunted tugging at my hair "Shit Nicole! Fuck baby" he throbbed and shot his load into my mouth. I swallowed and licked his shaft one more time. I moaned loudly as Jason slammed into me. I fell on Justin chest and moaned "Jason harder!" Justin gripped my neck and kissed me roughly. I moaned into his mouth and gasped as he pushed into me. He smirked and gripped my hips as they both thrust into me harder and harder trying to beat each other.

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