Michael Clifford Imagines

You have liked Michael for a while now, you had been friends with him & the boys for a year now.

All the time you saw Michael, your stomach did 20 flips & the palm of your hands would get sweaty. You stumbled upon words when you talked to him. Michael never knew you liked him but Ashton did. Ash was like a brother to you & you could talk about anything to him. So you told him that you like Michael.

One day when Michael was putting his guitar away after a show, you stood there beside the stage admiring him. You feel a tap on your shoulder, it's Ash.

Ash: I know how you like Michael, you should tell him how you feel! I think he may like you as well.

You: I know, but I'm too nervous. I hope he likes me, Ash.

Ash: babe, I know it takes a lot to tell someone how you feel. But at-least you will know.

You: okay, thank-you Ash. Here goes...

You approach Michael, you're nervous & you start to play around with your hands, making them sweaty.

You: Hi Michael.

Michael: Hi gorgeous.
*he says with a smile*

You: Michael... So ya know how we've known each-other for a year now & you know I get nervous around you-

Michael stops you with a passionate long kiss. Your lips in sync with his.
His hands cupping your face, your hands upon his hips.

Michael: I've always liked you, from the first day we met. I was too nervous to tell you.

You: I've always liked you as well.
I'm glad we feel the same way.

You smile widely. Ash, Calum & Luke look from a distance at you 2 on stage finally telling each-other how you feel.

Michael kisses you again, the kiss gave you butterflies.
He wrapped his arms around your waist & carries you out!

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