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Bad Girls Club : Miami (ON HOLD )


Opening Credits

Meet The Ladies Of Season 11 .............

What I Want Yeah I Get It Yeah Thats Right I Said It Live The Life You Wish You Had Sugar Spice & Everything Ba - Badgirls We Like To Talk Tuff Dont You Wish You Could Roll With Us Love To Hate , Hates Enough Welcome To the Bad Girls Club , Bad Girls

(Introduction )

Idgaf ( I Dont Give A Fuck ) I'll Slap You & Then Ask Questions Later

(Tiarra , The Mixed Beauty) Picc Onna SIDE >>>>>>>>>>

I Speak My Mind All Day Long . I Like To Have Fun . Fun Is Understatement Once A Few Drinks Im A Party Animal . I Love Make Bitches Look Stupid Its My Specialty Exspecially When They Try & Insult My Intelligence . When You Try Me You'll Feel My wrath

(End Of Intro)

Tiarra - Omg This Housee Iss Gawwjussss ! (Opens The Door) I Am Definately Gonna Run This House

(Runs Upstairs)

Tiarra - The Blue Room Is All Me It Had 3 Beds So That Means I'll Be Sharing With 2 Other Bitches (Greaaaaattttt I Though Sarcastically)

?!?! - Hellooooooooo !


I Dont Like People Who Dont Like Me , We Will Fight If I Dont Like You

(Justice , The Queen From The B)

Im Real , Not Fake Ima Party Girl . Im Cool Very Funny & I Like To Laugh & If I Dont Like You & I Dont Trust You

(End Of Intro)

Tiarra - Hiii ( Hugs Her ) Im Tiarra

Justice - Hi Im Justice


(Confession From Justice )

Im Really Skeptacle About This Tiarra Girl , She's To Nice && This Is The Bad Girls Club

(End Of Confessional)

Tiarra - You Want Me Show You Around

Justice - Yeah Sure

......... Mean While At Beig (Made Up Bar )


(Intro )

I Dont Start Trouble Or Bullshit But I'll Sure As Hell Finish It

( Mercedes , The Loca Latina )

Im Crazy You Though Judi Was Crazy , She Aint Got Shit On Me . im Really A fun Ass Person. Im Like The Head Bitch Because Thats Just Me I Like Being In Charge

( End Of Intro )

?!?! - Hiiii , Im Mercedes

?!?! - Hey Im Gen , Nice To Meet You

( They Hug )


(Intro )

I Aint Scared Of No Bitch & I Will Always Keep It One Hundred With You & I Aint Afraid To Tell You A Fake Bitch

(Gen , The Fighter )

Im Fun & Wild Crazy & Some More Shit . Loves To Party . I Will Beat A Girl Ass If I Have To .

(End Of Intro )

They Ordered A Drink

Gen - Sooo What Do You Like To Do ?

Mercedes - Well I Am The Partingg Type So I Guess Partyy

Gen - ohhh Girl Mee Tooo

The Limbo Pulled Up

Mercedes - I Guess Thats For Us

They Jumped Up & Got into The Limbo

Gen- Are You Excited

Mercedes - A Lil Bit


(They Entered The House )

Mercedes - Hellooooooo

(Upstairs )

Tiarra - I Think Somebody's Here

(they Ran Down Stairs )

Gen - Hiiiiiii , Im Gen (Hugs Her)

Tiarra - Tiarra

Justice - Hi , Im Justice (Hugs Her )

Mercedes - Mercedes

(They Do The Same For Everybody )

Gen - We Waitingg On 2 More

As If On Cue We Heard The Front Door Open

?!?! - Hellooooooooo BADD BITCHESSSS !

(Intro )

Im Bree & Im Brook & Were The New Orleans Twins

(Bre'Anna & Brooklyn , The New Orleans Twins )

Brook - (The Bad One ) Im The Fighter The Dont Give A Fuck 1 , I'll Pop Your Ass Inna Heart Beat . im Very Protective Over My Sister . Aint No 1 On 1 Nigga She Swing , I Hit Ya . I Aint Scared Of No Bitch. fighting Any & Everything

Bre - ( The Sneaky But Good 1 ) im Funny & Goofy . Me & My Sister Came To Take Over The House Just Like We Take Over New Orleans . I Have A Bubbly Personality But Can Turn Into The Devil Once On My Bad Side

Both - We Maybe Small Bur We Got Hands , Born & Raised By That Life .


(End Of Intro )

Gen - Hiiiiii , Im Gen

Tiarra - Hi , Im Tiarra , T- Dolla From The Motherfucking M.i.a.m.i

Bre- (Laughs ) Hi Im Bre'Anna

Brooklyn - Wassup , Im Brooklyn

Mercedes - Mercedes ( Hugs Her )

Bre - ( Laughs ) Like The Car

Mercedes - Yeah

Justice - Ohh Heyy Im Justice

(They Hug Eachother )

Tiarra - Lets Take Some Shots

(They Go In The Kitchen )

Gen - Wait We Missing Somebody

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