Welcome to my new story! I have to say this is going to be my new story so far! I feel like its going to be so unique because how nobody had this title or had this idea (That I saw of)

This is inspired my Ariana Grande and Mika's song 'Popular Song'

Here's chapter One!




Chapter 1

Ariana's POV

"Hey Ariana? Can you come with me to my photo shoot? " Barbara asked. Barbara was a model. She was beautiful. "Yeah, Let me just grab my phone and wallet." I smiled climbing up the spiral staircase.

Barbara and I lived together. We had been best friends since elementary school. We lost contact at 12 because she was offered at an early age. She was truly beautiful, with or without make up.

I grabbed my phone and wallet off my bed and happily skipped downstairs. "Ready!" I called. "I'm right here!" Barbara chuckled. I shrugged, waving it off. "Pft, I knew that." I flapped my arms around. I grabbed my cream colored pumps matching with my pink and cream strapless dress that goes above my knees.

I mostly wear heels because I'm 5'1. Barbara is like a giant to me, she's 5'7. Barbara laughed looking down on me. I stuck my tongue out at her before running out the door to the limousine.

Barbara came a few seconds after. We sat there in silence before the driver came to the stop. "Thanks Will!" I grinned waving bye. I walked into the building. "I never knew it was SYCO! Do you know who owns this place?!" I shrieked gaping at Barbara.

"Simon Cowell?" Barbara chuckled opening the door to the entrance. "I don't want to touch anything, I have a feeling I will break it." I muttered looking around the entrance. "Ah, hello girls. Barbara and Ariana your room is on the 2nd floor first door to the right." Simon greeted us walking away after.

I rapidly hit Barbara's arm, "He knows my name!" I whisper yelled. "He knows a lot of people Ariana." Barbara shook her head smiling at me as she pressed the button to 2nd floor.

"Who are you photo shooting with?" I questioned, peering up at her.

"Some band." Barbara mumbled. I nodded, my heart racing.

What if it was Harry's band?

He does work for Simon.

Stop thinking that Ariana.


"Huh? Oh." I smiled sheepishly walking out of the now opened elevator.

We walked into the first room on the right as Simon said. We walked in, Hey Barbara! I never knew you were friends with this cutie Miss Ariana Grande!" The boy with the stripes. I laughed, "And you are?"

"Louis the Tommo Tomlinson." Louis grinned. "Baby!" Louis screeched kissing Barbara on the lips. Oh did I mention she was his girlfriend? No? Oh, oops.

"I don't know any of you boys. Care to tell me?" I smiled walking up to the boys. For some reason Harry wasn't here. Good.

"I heard your great at singing." Louis smiled evilly. My eyes widened. "Uh..." I stuttered. "Sing for us please!" Louis pleaded."No!"

"Pretty please with Barbara on top?" Louis winked at Barbara who was blushing madly.