My Mate Who Cheated On Me


Hey Guys Thanks! specially to debbie_evanfurn for the idea!! thank you very much!! I will use some of your idea! :D



Chelsea's POV

"Aaaahhhhh!!'' I screamed at the top of my lungs because Alex kept on chasing me.

I ran as fast as I could but he grabbed me by my waist and we ended up rolling on the ground laughing.

I ended being on top of him.

I slowly leaned in and him too until we kissed.

That moment I felt loved, because before I became Luna I thought I would not get accepted because I am somehow ugly while my sister Georgia was the perfect one.

Alex's POV

I really hate her I mean she is so stubborn and does not want to mate with me.

Everytime I want to have a make-out session with her she pulls away fast it does not even last a second.

She always says it's not yet time to do it. Ugh! 

I wish Georgia his sister would have been my mate she is the most perfect one while Chelsea was a ugly.

I only accepted Chelsea as my mate because I thought she'd change her style and her hair is so dull but when I say that to her she gets angry and asks what's wrong with my style?


I did not tell her that we and Georgia had a relationship just a year ago while Me and Chelsea met. 


We just kept on going with the act and when it's weekdays I make an excuse to Chelsea that I have Pack Business but usually I always go to Georgia's House and do anything we want.


One Day, I was irritated. I made an excuse to Chelsea that I will use the bathroom.

But it is not a lie I went to the bathroom, then, I saw Georgia outside the bathroom.

So I decided why not have fun and started a make-out session with her. We made our way to my car while she is straddling my waist.

I started the car and made my way to Georgia's House.

Then, our lips connected once again when we were outside her house. She jumped onto me without disconnecting our kiss. I carried her to her room and.....

(N/A Sexual Part)

After 30 minutes, I noticed someone at the door. Me and Georgia turned around and just both smirked. It was Chelsea crying. Yes! Finally I can let go of her!


I'm sorry but Alex is soooo BAD!! Don't worry I have an idea! it will be great!! hahahah!!!

I want to have another

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Sara Paxtonas Chelsea Summers
Logan Hendersonas Alex Mitchell
Emma Robertsas Georgia Summers

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