The Statement

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Nana gave me the confidence to write this, Thank you Nana x

I wouldn't have posted if it weren't for her :) That's why it's dedicated to her

This is a new story, about gang life. It involves to main characters, Mercedes & Elijah. I hope this isn't too cliche. I'm gonna try and stay in the 3rd person when writing this. I want to achieve something, maybe by writing this I might change the way gangs are looked at. I might write some chapters from some of the other boys POV though. This story will be continued in September.

The Statement

Chapter 1


Elijah wasn't someone who you'd think would end up being in a gang. He was a good boy, he cleaned his room when asked, did his homework, read his bible & attended church services every Sunday. But as soon as he hit 13, his world changed. He was no longer the Elijah everyone knew and loved. He was a whole different person, it's like he had transformed into a cold-hearted monster in one day, nobody really understood him anymore and that's how he preferred it.

"Ayy Tempz did you see dat girls backoff?!" Daniel licked his lips and stared at the caramel girl who had walked past the both of them.

"I've seen bigger." Elijah replied as he took a drag from his joint.

"Jheeze man needs to hit that asap." Daniel followed the girl in attempt to get her digits.

Elijah was jamming outside with some of the Brendal Bullets. The Brendal Bullets were a gang that consisted of 10 boys; they were the most respected gang on Brendal Estate. No one messed with them, unless they wanted their life to be finished. Everyone in their gang had a street name, Elijah's was Tempz, because of his quick temper. If someone did as little as taunt him they'd end up with a black eye in two seconds flat.

Daniel was known as Play, Kane - Stud, Jacob - Spitz, Clayton - Bloodz, Lamar - Rhymez, Denilson - Fire, Kojo - Starz, Toby - Peace & their leader Zachary aka Rifle. That was the whole of BB - Breandal Bullets.

"Man was shotting last week init den that gassed yatt Amar from Brendal Gunners try jack mans pot, I weren't having none of it, I nearly merked that motherfucker until I heard the fedz. He was out cold, I just breezed outta there, well not before theifing £300, his watch and his golden chain." Clayton laughed. The others joined in to.

"Where were you shotting?" Denilson asked.

"At them alleyways on the east side."

"What nigga walks around the east side of Brendal estate carrying £300, that would just get jacked nicely." Kojo shook his head.

"Dumb yout, I bet the fedz found a knife on him or something. Brendal Gunners aint the smartest gang around." Clayton chuckled.

Elijah was silent just taking drags from his joint, not uttering a word. He was thinking bout his mum, what he's put her through, how she's always been there for him even though threatening not to help him anymore because she was tired of the police officers always stopping her everywhere she went. She was a good mum, she tried to raise him and his little brother in the best ways she could even if it meant going back and forth from the police station.

Elijah felt his phone vibrate in his pocket, so he took out his blackberry and saw a text from his mother.

-Eli Honey, please order some chips for us, I'm too tired to cook, I'll pay you back later x

Elijah smiled and texted her back.