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Love Is Pain


I stared out the window as my twin brother slept in the passenger seat. The rain was the only noise as I drove. My plan was to drive through most of the night.

"Pull over," Ryan whimpered.

I did so just in time for him to get out and empty the non-existant contents of his stomach.

"There's some water in the back seat," I said as I started to drive again.

He silently drank the water and fell back asleep. At some point I forced myself to pull over and get some sleep. I stopped at a Waffle House so we could get something to eat the next morning.

"Go ahead in and eat something. I'm going to call that pack and let them know that we'll be there about six thirty-seven o'clockish," I said, taking out my cell phone.

I went inside after the call and saw Ryan playing with his food. Ever since his accident he had become depressed. He was sickly pale, and deathly skinny instead of his usual football player looking self. There were dark bags under his eyes. He was slowly fading into nothing. I myself was hoping that once I found him a pack that he would get better. So far no one would take him in because he always told them that I was to stay as well.

"Stop playing with your food and eat. We're meeting the pack's Alpha tonight. Try to eat Ryan," I begged.

He ignored me and continued to play with his food. I drank my coffee and ate some toast before we headed out again. Dusk was falling as I pulled up to the gate of an enourmous estate.

"Can I help you?" a guard asked.

"We're here to speak with someone about my brother Ryan," I said.

The guard spoke into a phone before letting me pull through. I went over and helped Ryan out of the car and into the lobby.


"How are your siblings?" I asked Dylan, my right hand man.

"They're good," he shrugged.

We had just finished going over finances and were waiting for some guy and his sister to show up. I figured that it was stupid to get their hopes up, I would never endanger my pack by having a worthless human around but Dylan said it was 'one of those feelings' that we needed to at least meet them. A knock came on the door of my study.

"Yes?" I asked, waiting impaitently for an answer.

"Brother, that Ryan boy and his sister are here," my sister, Sheryl, smiled.

"Show Ryan in. I want to speak with just him first," I said.

"Okay Josh," she chuckled.

She thought it was funny that I was so business like.


The Sheryl girl helped Ryan into the room before returning to her desk. I couldn't help but pace. If this place didn't work out I don't kow what we would do. After a while Sheryl answered her phone and showed me in. I rushed over to Ryan and put his arm over my shoulder so that I could support his wieght for him.

"I'm Arrow, Ryan's twin sister," I said, noticing the two guys that were in the room.

The one at the front of the desk was kind of cute with his blonde hair and brown eyes. But I felt my breath catch when I saw the second guy behind the desk. He was tall, shaggy almost black hair, and bright blue eyes.

"I'm Dylan," the first guy said, smiling from me to the second guy.

"I'm Josh," the second guy said cockily.

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Billy Joe Armstrong as Josh
Monika "Jac" Jagaciakas Arrow

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