Chapter 1: Pandemonium

Demon.  Eidolon demon to be exact.  Jace knew what it was the second it entered the club.  They'd been waiting for it.  He saw the creature's emerald green eyes gaze around the room until it rested them on one particular person: Isabelle.  "That's right. . . take the bait," Jace said to himself.  So far everything was going according to plan; well, of course it was, it WAS Jace's plan after all.

The club is filed with dry ice smoke, Jace noticed.  Good.  Nobody will notice Izzy go off with it.  Back at the Institute Alec insisted on not glamoring her, figured it would be best if everyone could see her not just the demon.  He said it would cause "less suspicion" or something like that.  Whatever.  Jace trusts Alec.  He's his parabati, after all Jace would never tell anyone this but he trusts him with his life.

As according to plan Jace noticed Izzy leading the demon into a storage closet.  There was a sign on the front that read NO ADMITANCE-STORAGE. -Ha, mundies! What is it with them?  Just because you put a sign on a door that says, "Don't go in" doesn't mean we're not going to.  Deal with it.- Alec and Jace immedietaly  began following closely behind-but not close enough to be noticed.  They were only worried about the thing seeing them though, Downworlders have the Sight.  Mundies on the other hand are blind as bats when it comes to seeing us when we're glamoured.

Jace pulled out his knife to be oreoared for what was to come.  Then he heard it ask Izzy her name.  "Isabelle." she replied. 

"That's a nice name". He said while walking toward her, stepping carefully amon the wired in case any of them were live.  In the faint light she looked half-transparent, bleached of color, wrapped in white like an angel.  Just as they'd hoped she would.

"I haven't seen you here before."

"You asking me if I come here often?" She giggled, covering her mouth with her hand. As she did the sleeve of her dress slid down slightly exposing a matrix of swirling lines which Jace knew to be her Marks.

He froze. "You-"

He didn't finish.  She moved with lightening swiftness, striking out at him with her open hand, a blow to his chest that would have sent him down gasping if he'd been a human being.  He staggered back while she grabbed her gold whip.  She brought it down, curling it around his ankles, jerking him off his feet.  He hit the ground, writhing, the hated metal biting deep into his skin.  She laughed standing over him.  Jace couldn't help but smirk at her smile.  It was evil and sadistic.

"He's all yours, boys."  Jace couldn't help but laugh lowly.  He grabbed the other boy and smashed him against a pillar.  Alec walked beside Jace and asked, "So, are there any more with you?"

"Any other what?" He asked back.  Here we go. Jace thought.  Same thing every time.  Can't any of these demons make things interesting for me and switch it up a bit?

"Come on now," Jace began, "you know what I am"  Jace heard his teeth begin to grind. 

"Shadowhunter." He hissed. 

Jace smirked, "Got you".

Jace, Alec, and Isabelle all worked to secure it on the pillar with some wire they found on the ground-piano wire, maybe?  They didn't know, they didn't care. 

They bound him at the wrists and ankles using the wiring.  His face was pulled tight with pain and fear.  Jace stood with his hands in his pockets-like he usually does when he's bored or trying to act like there's nothing important going on.

Then Jace crossed his ars over his chest and began to pace back and forth.  "So," he said.  "You still haven't told e if there are any other of your kind with you."