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Immortal Destiny: a vampire in love (chapter 1)


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The day that I met Marcus I knew that my life would always be different. He was after all a sworn enemy to my entire coven and my very kind. I had never meant for things to go this far or come to these circumstances, but love makes you do crazy things and loose all sense of rationalism. My life had become diving off the high board and falling backwards and hasn't seemed to stop. Not that I had wanted it to.

In my three hundred and eighty two years in this world I had never wanted something I couldn't have, because I could have anything. I was a predator, whatever I wanted I had always just taken without thinking twice. When you become vampire you lose all sense of your humanity. You don't think about the people you kill or the people it affects. You love nothing but the hunger that lives inside you and the burning thirst it desires, the monster that wants and wants and is never full, but always hungry. You can't help it, you can't fight it, nothing but give into it. And it doesn't help how easy humans make it for us to have them fall into our traps. In fact they go willingly almost begging for us to take them. They are so easily fooled by seduction and we are irresistible, to turn us down would be to turn down air that you need to breath. Even their pleas and screams mean nothing in the end. We don't stop and ask why am I doing this? We merely count the seconds that it will take to go by until their lifeless body goes limp in our arms and they are dead and quiet.

Though I have lived my life like this, I had never asked to live my life as a demon of the night. To be forever dammed a killer and a monster, but it is what I am. There are those who have tried to live life off substitutes rather than human blood, but they never last. They always come back and hungrier than before. But they don't have the passion or the will of love like I have to live for Marcus.

The moment I had looked into his deep blazing eyes I was lost forever. At first I hadn't known what it was. It scared me; I didn't know what I was feeling because we don't feel. But I recognized it from somewhere but couldn't remember, though that only scared me more because vampires remember everything. Then I knew.... I knew what I was feeling and why it was so strange. For the first time in nearly four hundred years I felt alive. Slowly as I grew to know him from a distance I felt more alive each time. Something had awakened in me, something strong enough to change the course of nature and my basic instincts. Instead of telling me to kill it was telling me to live. I would rather wither and dry up than to continue living this life another day without him. If that meant going against nature itself, than I would find the will to do so. For him I felt like I would do anything, even betray my own kingdom; which is exactly what I was going to have to do to set him free.


Chapter 1

I was out hunting with Alyssa and Jonathon trying to find a human that would satisfy my thirst. We don't have to feed every night but I hadn't fed in about three so I was very anxious to find our meal and quick. Alyssa and Jonathon were babbling on about how they were sick of our location and wished the king would relocate us already. Maybe Europe this time they hoped and started going on about how they were sick of American's. We usually moved every ten to fifteen years to avoid suspicion, though we had only been here for eight and I knew we had a good few years left. But what did I care, time meant nothing to someone that lived forever.

I rolled my eyes in their direction. These two weren't the people I would usually choose for companions, but it isn't wise to hunt alone. Considered too risky, you never knew when there would be an attack from the Dark Hunters, a group of ancient vampire killers that lived for one thing and one thing only. Too kill as many vampires as they could even at the means of forfeiting their own life. I have seen them throw their lives away for centuries, a group of four or five dying to kill a mere one or two of us.

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