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Donna (A Doctor Who Fanfic)


This is my second Doctor who fan fiction. I hope you like it. I DON'T OWN DOCTOR WHO. I GIVE MOST THE CREDIT TO DOCTOR WHO. 


Chapter 1

-Rose's POV- 

The Void was finally opened. I have been waiting so long for it to open. So I could go see my Doctor.

It has been 9 years since my husband died. The second Doctor. Since he was half human, his mind could not hold all of that information. His mind burned him then killed him. But to tell you the truth, all that information should have killed him earlier.

It broke my heart to see him go. It was just like on the beach, but so much worse. Having to deal with that and the child almost killed me.

But here I am, still alive. Still standing, still breathing. My daughter is here too. Her name is Donna. We named her that because without Donna she would not be here.

Donna is just 19 and she's with me now, watching the Void open. She would like to come with me, but I told her no. If the Doctor saw her he would have a double heart attack.

"Ready to go when you are, Rose," my mum said. She was coming with me as well.

She held my hand and looked at me with a small smile on her face. "Are you sure you want to do this. I mean it would-"

"Yes mum! I know what I'm doing, ok!" I said obviously annoyed.

"Ok we are ready in 5...4...3...2...1"

There was a blinding light then a street light.

"Where are we?" My mum asked.

We looked around for a bit longer. Then it came to me.

"Home. See there's Mickey's place right over there and our home is behind us," I told mum.

"Ooh" was all she said.

After about 10 minutes of standing there and staring at our old apartment, mum asks,"Isn't the little travel thingy suppose to lead us to the Doctor?"

And as if on que, we heard the sound we haven't heard in 19years.



-The Doctor' POV- 

Here I go! Back to earth! I might go visit Captain Jack and his crew or maybe visit Sarah Jones' boy. Since I had to regenerate a couple years ago Torchwood somehow made me regenerate into my 10th regeneration. It felt good to be my old self.


"What?" The TARDIS wasn't moving. I was just sitting in space for the moment.

"Ow" someone groaned.


I ran upstairs to find the who broke in. I got to the closet and found a big pile of clothes on the floor, but the pile was also moving.

"Who are you and how did you get in my ship?!" I asked as I pulled out my sonic screwdriver.

"My name is Donna. Donna Tyler." She said. It was a girl. A teenage girl at the sound of it.

"What?!" I asked.

Clothes started to part and a girl popped out.

"Finally, I can breath!"

She looked about 18or 19. Her brown hair pulled in a messy bun with one blonde streak. She had big brown eyes that looked up at me.

"Who are you?" She asked clearly in shock.

"I'm the Doctor. How did you get on my ship?"

"The Void is how I got here. Any way, have you seen my mum? She might be with my nana, but I'm not sure."

She got up and started to walk down stairs.

"Hey where do you think you are going young lady?!" I said running after her.

"I love this so such! It's even more beautiful than I thought. Is this the main control?"

"Yes! Don't touch it!" I exclaimed. "What do you mean'Its even more beautiful than you thought'?"

"I didn't say that," she protested. "Can we go to Earth? Oh I love Earth. I mean there are some other planets that I would rather go, but Earth isn't bad. What do you think Doctor?"

"I don't know who you are! Why would I take you to earth?"

"You want to get rid of me don't ya?" She asked with a huge grin on her face.

I looked at her, searching for an answer in her eyes, but not finding one. "Who are you?"

"I told you already." She said still grinning. "I really hope mum and nana are ok. Nana is probably like 'Where's Donna?! Where's my tea?! Do we have food?! I NEED A COOKIE!!'. Haha poor mom. Anyway, lets go!"

She turned to me, smiling. I took this time to examine her. She was quiet tall and her smile reminded me of mine.

"Doctor?" She asked as she sat next to me,"are you ok?" She wasn't smiling anymore.

I looked into her eyes, " Yep! So where do you live?" I asked as I jumped up to the controls.

"Umm I'm not sure where exactly, but I can tell you it's in London." She guessed.

"Well I could've told you that!" I said.

"Sorry, I don't keep up with that stuff." She smiled. What is up with this girl and smiling.

"Well I'll just take you where I know," I said with a smile.


-Donna's POV-

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