The boy in the front of the triangle*** ON HOLD ***


Caitlynn Wolf (Cat) = 16 a werewolf

Eathan Wolf. = 18 a werewolf

Evan wolf. =. 6 a werewolf

Jace Ambers. = 18 a werewolf

Cade Ambers. =. 17 a werewolf

Jason Ambers. =. 17 a werewolf

River Ambers. =. 17 a werewolf

Bryson Ambers. =. 15 a werewolf

Damitry Ambers. =. 14 a werewolf

Bailey Andrews. =. 16 human

Julia Ribbon. =. 16 human

Juliet Ribbon. =. 16 human

Aralynn Welch. =. 16 human

Aspen Welch. =. 16 human

Brandi Lane. =. 15 werewolf

Carly Rose. =. 17 werewolf


Cade, River, and Jason are triplets

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Joe Dinicolas Ethan Wolf
Jane Randallas Caitlyn Wolf
Jayden Spearsas Evan Wolf
Chris Zylkaas Jace Ambers
Matt Lanteras Cade Ambers
Mitch Heweras Jason Ambers
Nick Rouxas River Ambers
Justin Gastonas Bryson Ambers
Logan Lermanas Dmitri Ambers
Sarah Hylandas Bailey Andrews
Milly Rossoas Julia Ribbon
Rebecca Rossoas Juiet Ribbon
Mary-Kate Olsenas Aralynn Welch
Ashley Olsenas Aspen Welch
Willow Sheildsas Brandi Lane
AnnaSophia Robbas Carly Rose
Alex Pettyferas Jack Rutherford
Selena Gomezas Sarah Rutherford

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