Into the Death note world

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<< This is a rewrite since I felt that my story was not up to my full potential. I hope u enjoy this rewrite ^^ i dont own any characters or dialogue or ANYTHING in the story except for the Protagonist and further characters that were not originally in the manga/anime death note by asami yuuko and and the reactions to their actions any trademark names or song titles or anything that i have not said is mine belongs to their respectable owners and do not belong to me any works that might be similar is purely coincidental this message covers all the chapters of this story>>

Somebody's POV:
I awoke to hear my phone next to my bed ringing. what time is it? I wondered whilst rubbing my eyes sleepily I picked up the phone and glanced at the clock. Ah... I overslept... oh well... I suppose I have to deal with the phone call now. It's obviously from the office. Hmmm let's see.... I focused on the back of my throat. A hoarse voice is similar to a husky in between of a male and female voice... By humming with the back of my throat I should be able to pull it off. I pressed the talk button.

"Hello?" I say in a hoarse whisper.

"Hello? Miss Lenon? Why weren't you in your classes today? Don't think that being the youngest student attending our university and means that you can skip your lessons" asked the annoying secretary. Can't she realize from my voice that I'm "sick"?! Idiot... "I know you're only fourteen but you have to be more mature for your age. Your cousin Rima just came back with conclusive results for her experiment in the Arctic. Be more focused and attend your classes." She nagged on and on and on. My god...yes act like you're my fricking mother why don't you stranger who thinks she knows me.

"I'm so sorry I caught a cold today yesterday" I replied before faking a cough and clearing my throat. She gave me her sympathies before I hung up. I trudged sleepily to the washroom and glanced at my reflection as I ran a brush through my golden hair. Bright blue eyes peered back at me through my unkept bangs. After brushing my teeth and tying my hair into two long pigtails, I went to the living grabbed a pile of manga from my drawer. Searching through my collection I found the manga I have been rereading. Death note. I finished it a few years back but my interest in the series was renewed recently. The manga has very few plot holes and has an interesting concept. My favorite characters are L and Near. Their logical thinking and analyzation make them relatable. Oh how great would it be to be in the Death note world like one of those fan fictions. A world...where people aren't nearly as stupid. I wish I could be a part of that world...I sighed at the thought of the impossible.
Suddenly I felt the urge to sleep. That's strange...I just got up. I walked up the stairs, my white nightgown flowing behind me. I slipped into my bed ready to sleep for hours on end. My drowsiness made me stumble quite a bit. Just before my eyes shut I saw my cousin Rima with black bat like wings on her back. Her silver hair and red eyes flashed before my eyes.

"Rima?" I say in a surprised tone."why are you-" I was cut off from my sentence as sleep smothered me in her blissful embrace.

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