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One More Night

There I was standing in the middle of my patio. Feeling the breeze on my skin and the wind blowing my hair. I suddenly felt someone hugging me from behind putting his big but gentle hands on my waist. I looked back and saw those beautiful brown eyes and that bright smile that belong to Tony my best friends husband who I have been having an affair with for the past few months. 

"Tony I think we should stop seeing eachother." I told him 

"Are you sure Ariana?" he asked me with his sexy deep voice. 

I nodded yes and he continue talking and said "If that's what you want, but just give me one more night with you."  

Tony placed my hair on my right side and started to kiss me on the left side of my neck. 

I begged him to stop sucking and biting on my neck, but he said that he wanted everyone to see that I been taken. 

Tony turned me around and lifted me up from my butt. I pressed my legs around his waist and started kissing him passionately. 

Tony started to walk still holding on to me and stopped right in front of his red Mustang GT. 

" You want us to do it in your car again.... I told you last time that it was really uncomfortable."

" no darling I want to do it On top of my car" he said in a seductive tone.

" What if someone sees us Tony?"

"let them I want them to see how much we love having sex!" Tony said

My brain was telling me that it was wrong to do it outside my patio, but my body was only feeling the lust and adrenaline of getting caught by someone.... 

Tony told me to laid on my back on the front side of the car and I did what I was told. 

Being the good girl i was to him. 

Tony lowered himself and put both of his hands on each side of me. 

Tony started flickering my right boob and with his right hand he started to cup my left boob and biting my boob so hard it made me moan in pain and in pleasure. 

I made my way down to his penis with my right hand and started to bobbed his head up and down, but he stopped me and told me that tonight was all about making me regret ending things with him. 

Tony started to kiss my belly all the way down to my crotch and then he kissed my vagina and started licking my entrance and with his tongue went in and out. 

With one of his hands he kept rubbing my clit. It wasn't going to take long for him to make me cum. 

I could feel my climax building and i suddenly exploded my vagina was leaking cum and my body was was shaking. 

Tony asked me if anyone had ever made me cum as much as he did...  

I didn't answer I just laid there trying to get my strength back.  

I hadn't regained my strength back when Tony put me on my side on top of the car and lifted my right leg on top of his left shoulder he smirked at me and said " is time for you to receive full treatment" 

he slid his 11 inch dick all the way inside me and started pulling out until the tip of his head was almost out. He then started stroking in and out slowly and with each stroke he pick up his speed and in no time he was going full speed, fucking me so hard that it brought tears of pain and of pleasure again to my eyes. I kept moaning and screaming out his name. 

I try to stop the tears but how could I. I had forgotten all about the pain and my body only felt pleasure.

"Ariana one of the neighbors keeps peeking out his window." Tony said almost out of breath.

"I know and somehow it only turns me on more" I said.

Tony kept thrusting in and out of me with no mercy but he suddenly stopped when we heard someone walk into the patio...... It was the neighbor.

"Can I join? or is this a private party?" he said with a smirk on his face. 

Tony returned the smirk and said  

"come we just got started."

I had no say in it but i definitely enjoyed it and we had sex till sunrise and to the point that I could barely stand up. 

The last night became a weekly get away for the three of us and till this day we still enjoy doing it on my patio.

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