At the End of the Rope: Chapter Fourteen

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Chapter Fourteen

Samuel’s pov

            “What the fuck’s going on?!  Why are they chaining him up?”  I turned to look frantically at my father.  “Dad, what is this?”

            He sighed and rested his hand on my shoulder, still staring into the dirt ring where the games were taking place.  “It’s the game, Sam.”

            Just what kind of game Ralle was participating in became painfully clear all too soon.  Ralle and several other  ‘contestants’ were chained individually to pillars in a walled-in circular field, and forced to battle a highly trained vampire warrior.  As if being chained wasn't unfair enough, the chain was attached to one ankle, the contestant was handcuffed and unarmed.

            Shit.  Just…shit.

Ralle’s pov

            One vampire with a sword.  No problem.

            Funny thing was, it actually wasn’t a problem.  Even though I was weighed down with a heavy chain and couldn't move my wrists more than a few inches apart, I easily scaled up the pillar.  My heightened awareness told me that I could flip the soldier’s sword out of his hands with my foot, and so use that blade to hack at my manacles.  And it was surprisingly easy to do when everything seemed to be moving in slow motion.  The hard part was cutting though the steel of the handcuffs.

            Eventually I got frustrated and slammed the short chain connecting my wrists on the blunt edge of the pillar.  “Huh” I mused as the metal links snapped.  I had no idea how to use a sword so I decided my best option was to get in a good, old-fashioned fistfight with the soldier.

            Being thus decided, I lightly jumped off the top of the pillar, landing right behind the soldier and punched him in the side of the jaw.