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*warning: contains hitting. i do not promote violence in relationships nor do i believe any forms of abuse is healthy for relationships!!!!*


Harry -

"Y/N! HOW THE HELL COULD YOU CHEAT ON ME?" Harry yells, his face inches from yours as anger coursed throughout his normally soft features.

"I-i-i didn't Harry! I would never! Where'd you get the idea from!" you shout back, confused as to where on Earth he'd get that idea.


"You actually think I would cheat with your best mate? You're a fucking idiot Harry!" you snap and smack his chest.

You hold your face after a sharp, searing pain rested on your cheek, it took you a few seconds to realize that Harry had smacked you directly across the face. You widen your eyes at the monster in front of you and finally let out a loud yelp of pain as tears started flowing out of your eyes. His eyes widen but you run out the door, determined to never come back.

Zayn -

You walk into your flat, excited to see your boyfriend, Zayn after you'd had quite the good day at work- for once. You walk down the long hallway, and stop in front of your shared bedroom door- wondering why he had it closed. You shrug it off and walk in to see him making out with another girl, who'd you'd never seen before. 

"Zayn! How could you!" you yell, your voice cracking as tears started running down your face.

"Y-Y/N I-I-" Zayn stutters, trying to figure out an excuse.

"Save it!" you whisper and quickly run away from your house.

Louis - 

"I can't tell you that!" You hear Louis say and hear the laughing of Niall after his comment.

You chuckle and walk towards the living room- obviously Louis hadn't noticed you'd gotten home yet. You soon stop in the door frame when you hear Niall mention your name, curious as to what he was saying.

"Yeah Y/N's okay at sex. But she makes weird noises and kind of just sits there!" Louis laughs.

Niall howls with laughter as Louis reveals all the details of your sex life, and how bad he thinks you are.

"Ouch." you whisper, dropping your grocery bags as you look sadly between Niall and Louis, who were now looking at you in shock.

You hear Louis call after you as you bolt out the door, but you ignore him as you run off to who knows' where.

Liam - 

You unlock the door to your flat, humming excitedly to see Liam after a long day.

"Yeah i'm probably going to break up with her. She doesn't really fufill my needs." Liam sighs and all of the guys chuckle, and you frown. You thought your relationship with Liam was always great?

Liam clearly heard you sigh and quickly walks out to where you were standing in the doorway;  "Love I'm sorry I didn't mean it!" he whispers.

"Whatever." you roll your eyes and run quickly out of your apartment.

Niall - 

You rush into Nialls room, excited to tell him big news- but then you realize he's telling all the guys your personal secrets. Everything from your rocky relationship with your parents to your struggle with your weight, and a squeaking noise escapes your throat before you cover your mouth with your hand and start to cry.

Niall quickly notices, his eyes widening and he runs to your side, his mouth opening and closing as he tries to explain himself.

"I'm pregnant- but i don't think i want you to be the father Niall!" you cry and run out of the flat, being chased by him, but you keep running, until he loses sight of you.

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