Jordan looked around the room and started to laugh. Wait, what?!?! 

Either she snapped because of all the things that's been going on, or she's just a crazy loon.

 Her voice sounded like bells. You could tell something was obviously wrong with her. Everyone looked at eachother thinking the same thing. What the hell just happened? This entire trip has been confusing and hard, but this is kind of creepy.

Everyone didn't know what to say so noone spoke up. Then Derek got up and eased over tol her. The laughing stopped immediately when she realised he was coming to her.

"Jordan sweety, are you ok??" Her dad spoke hesitantly to her. Afraid of her reaction.

She just stared at him. A blank look on her face. Well, this isgoing nowhere.

"Jordan, answer your father. What's wrong?" Hermother finally spoke up.

Jordan eased up off  the black couch. She looked at everone and her eyes stopped on Reese. Jordan smiled a seductive smile and ignored her parents. Her eyes were completelky black. Even the whites were gone. Reese gulped and shifted his feet nervously. 

For a demon he looked pretty freaked. 

Everyone didn't move an inch, afraid of what she might  do next.

She finally stood infront of him, ignoring Kyle as he stared holes into her. Reese took a step back and his hips hit the desk. His brown eyes widened as he realised he couldn't move anymore. Like a predator stalking his prey, she had him cornered.

 She smiled and started slipping out of her socks. Next, her top slowly eased away. everyone gasped in shock. The boys though seemed to be pretty happy about the strip show she was about to give. Ms.Kyndall grunted in disgust.

 Her father seemed to be paralyzed.

Her mother was in too much shock to move.

then, her pants fell to her feet.

Jordan Hex stood in all her glory showinbg off her nice tatoo and purple lace undies to a room full of teenage horned boys. Reese looked sotorn. An inside battle was raging on. His demon side wanted to come out and fuck her lights out, but his normal human side wanted to put he shirt on.

Mary looked at her husbandand slapped his arm to snap him out of his shock. She shoved hi towards their daughter in haste. Jordan looked at Reese and giggled.

" I know you want me Reese, so tak me." She whispered. Reese shuddered as her words wrapped around his head. 

He knew it was wrong to fanasize about the deans daughter, but come on, if a girl took her clothes off infront of you and told you to take her would you???

Derek walked slowly over to her and grabbed her as soon as she  unhooked the top of her bra. 

"Hey,!!" She growled at hr dad.

She jerked her arm away and tipped over to fall on her stomach.

Her victoria secret underwear slid up on her but to reveal the most embarrassing thing................

A big Ziggy tattoo with a heart that said i love my my boyfriends penus.

WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!!?!?

Is all people could say! But that's not all that was there either........


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