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Forgive & Forget *Rough Draft/Unedited *(*Complete*)



Chapter 18








Wolfe’s body stiffens next to mine as we walk into the bar. I glance around, my eyes wide at the dark room taking in everything. It wasn’t packed, but it had quite a few people in there. There was a smoke machine somewhere pumping fog-like smoke into the room every few minutes, hiding some of the patrons from view.


“I thought this was a bar?” I ask, unable to keep the horror from my voice.


It looked like some kind of fucked up haunted house mixed with a club of sorts..


“Yeah, I thought so too.” Wolfe answers, shaking his head.


I look around to see if I can spot Marcus, but he’s nowhere to be seen. There’s some kind of dance floor in the middle were a few couples are grinding on each other. I can’t really scent anything since the artificial fog is invading my lungs.


I bring up my hand to cover my nose as Wolfe leads me to a bar on the left that I had not even noticed was there.


There’s no barman so we don’t even bother ordering, not that I would have ordered anything anyway.


The music sucks. I shudder when I hear some kind of backstreet boy techno song come on. Seriously?


“It’s hard to imagine a place like this….here.” I mutter.


“Maybe we should go.” Wolfe suggests.


As much as I wanted to agree, I wanted to find that little shit Marcus and tell him off for not warning me. I thought we were friends?


“In a bit.” I narrow my eyes and scan the crowd, looking for him again.


“He’s not here.” Wolfe chuckles next to me.


“Who?” I say, feigning ignorance.


“The asshole that’s going to get his ass kicked as soon as I see him.” He says, shrugging.


Ah, so we were thinking the same thing.


“Not before I kick his ass…” I grin at the thought of actually getting to punch someone. I never had punched anyone before, but there’s a first time for everything.


“I don’t like that smile.” Wolfe says. I look up at him to see him grinning down at me. I quickly rearrange my face and frown at him.


“I’m sure I have no idea what you’re talking about.”


He chuckles and wraps his hand around my waist casually, as he turns to look out at the crowd again.


I find myself smiling stupidly, until I snap out of it. Holy crap was I just playing with Wolfe? Was I just playing with the possessive, self-centered man that I was cursed to be mated to?


It must be the fumes or something. Here we were actually acting like two normal persons….wow.


Finally after a few minutes a barman shows up. Or I guess I should say a bar girl. She smiles at us  and asks “Sorry ‘bout that. What would ya like to drink?”


Wolfe glances at her quickly then looks back at me questioningly. I didn’t want to be such a prune and not order anything…but I also didn’t want to make myself sick.


“I’ll have a margarita.” I say, deciding to at least pretend I was drinking it.


The girls bursts out laughing and then quickly covers her mouth when she notices Wolfe glaring at her.


What was so funny?


“Honey, we ain’t got no ‘margaritas’. Now I can either get you some vodka or tequila, unless you want some beer. Cause that’s all we got.” She says, leaning over the counter.


Well, I didn’t want any of that cause I was so not getting drunk tonight.


“We’ll have two shots of tequila.” Wolfe orders for me.


Scowling I turn towards him. “I don’t like tequila.” I say.


“Sorry. They just opened this place so they’re a little limited.” He shrugs. The chick comes back and places 4 shot cups in front of us and pours us some light brown liquid quickly before moving away and coming back with some lemons.


Wolfe quickly drinks his one after the other not even bothering with the lemons. I look at mine wearily as the girl leaves to the other side of the bar leaving us.

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