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That's All It Takes


Hi, this is my first story. I am excited! :D

*****Warning**** There is some swear words, not too many I think, but this is PG 13... so if i get any requests I can bleep it out.... and some sexual scenes do happen throughout the story so you are warned now... NOW! haha enjoy


Chapter One

"Holly Shit!!!" I was late. Really late. Like super uber late! This isn't good. I started running down the stairs. And almost fell to my death. Okay I didn't, but I did stumble. It is really hard to hurry down three flights of stairs while still getting dressed and putting on shoes. 

I pushed through the doors of my apartment building and down the side walk I hustled, pushing through people. Time to check the watch again. Okay, I had less then five minutes to get to my first class on campus. A campus thats about seven blocks away, seven very crowded blocks. This isn't going to go well. I could have taken my car, but driving to campus in this traffic would take five years not five minutes. 

"Shit. Shit. Shit." On later reflection, I think the people I was squeezing through on the street believed I have tourettes. Can't say I blamed them, I was swearing up a storm for what seemed like no reason. But I was so, so, so late.

 It took what felt like a year to make it onto campus. But on the plus side, once I was off the crowded city streets it left room to sprint to my class's building. Really, there was no one there to get in my way, so I ran. What self-respecting college student would be up at eight in the morning unless they had a class. I sure wouldn't if I didn't have to be there either.

Without anyone to dodge, I made it to the lecture hall. The lecture hall I needed to be at thirteen minutes ago when the actual class time started. Did I mention this isn't going well? I can't get into too much trouble can I? Everyone has been late before, right? I can't be blamed for one time. They will be understanding. They have to be. Though I have heard horror stories about things like this.

"Oh God, it is my first day let it go well" I whispered up to the ceiling in front of the double doors to the room, "please. Pretty please?" With a sigh I pushed open the door. 

I have to say it was bright, making it kind of hard to see. Almost as if I was in some dramatic movie or play where the spot light shines on me, making it more obvious that I was late for my first day. What's the best way to move that fictional spot light?? Or at least make it a little less bright? The only thing I could come up with was to apologize. So I did.

"I am so sorry I am late and kept you all waiting. It will not happen ever..." But before I could finish a voice rang out. 

"Calm down and sit down!" I looked in the general direction of the voice. It was a guy for sure. But all I could see was a silhouette of a head. I open my mouth to speak out, but again I was interrupted. Rude.

"Seriously, just sit down. If you hurry the professor won't notice. He isn't even here yet. So sit down and shut up and know one will know you are late to Dr. Malligan's class." Now the voice sounded irritated. I know I was late, but really? Gosh, students these days. 

I started to descend the steps of the hall, going down towards the small stage. It had a desk and a podium on it, a projection screen came down from the ceiling. Otherwise the room was bare. It had large windows, which is where the spot light came from. And rows and rows of filled seats. I looked about as I walked down, I counted only six free seats. The hall held two hundred, and all the empty seats were in the middle of rows or off in the corner. Okay then.

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