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Still Liam 's POV 

"LIAM!" he said while walking towards me , i stepped back " Liam it's no----" " IT'S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE ?!?!?!?! HARRY YOUR JUST CHEATING ON ME FOR 2 YEARS  !??!  YOU KNOW WHAT I HATE YOU !!!!! " i shouted , i walked out but Harry grabe dmy wrist " Liam let me explain " he said " No Harry !!! you know what ?? " i grabbed the necklace that he gave to me on our first anniversary and gave it back to him " Were Over " i said while going in to my car " Liam please wait " he said , i didn't listen to him , i start to drive faster and the next thing i know is there's a car infront of me ........

Harry's POV 

What have i done !!!! i forgot our 2nd Anniversary . My tears run down my cheeks as i looked at the necklace that i gave to him on our first anniversary and i remembered that he said that were over i start to sob louder " Who is he ? " Billy asked " I-i'm s-sorry B-billy w-when i met y-you a-at the club  i w-was d-drunk i-i'm sorry " i said while sobbing , he came closer tome and tapped my shoulder " It's going to be fine , i understand well atleast we could be friends ? " he said , i nodded " m-mind if i s-stay here f-for t-today? " i said while crying to his chest then i felt him nod . I start to cry louder   "Haz it's going to be fine " he said " NO ! it's not , today's our 2nd anniversary  and this supposed to be our happiest day " i said "Go to sleep then come home tomorrow kay ? " he said while i nodded 


Niall's POV 

"Where he hell is Liam and Harry ? " i said " It's their 2nd Anniversary together remember ? so they're celebrating it " Lou said " Guys , it's so boring here wanna go to the park ? " Zayn asked, me and Lou nodded . Lou drove the car when " Guys, is that Harry's car ? " i asked "Yeah , let's go maybe their in there " Lou said , we got out of the car  we knock on the door -still no answer - We opened it and saw Harry with another boy sleeping on the couch . " HARRY ! " we shouted "Guys it's not what i---" " It's not what it looks like ?!?! you cheated on my bestfriend !!!!!! " i interupted he cried "Where's Liam ? " Zayn asked "I-i d-dont k-know " he said . Then my phone rang " It's Liam " i said " Answer it ! " they said " Hello , Liam where are you ?" i said " Is this Mr. Payne's friends ? " a mysterious man said " Yeah who is this ?" i asked "Oh i'm Dr. Nick , Liam's in the hospital right now " the doctor said " WHAT?!?!?" i yelled " He's got into car crash you might wanna go here " the doctor said . My phone fell to the floor while i'm frozen   "Niall,what happened ? " Lou asked " L-liam c-car c-rush " i said while my tears run down my face ....


It's horrible isn't it ??? Well i'll just update soon or maybe tomorrow . Bye ,Thanks for reading it =D  and sorry if it's short i don't write long stories 

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