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Harry: you and Harry were both sitting on the couch talking about everything. “Describe me with three words Harry” you said. “Alright” he said “You are cute, cute and cute” he smiled showing of his dimples. “Thank you. But I don’t think you can use the same word three times. Try again” you said laughing. “Ok. You are pretty, cute and funny” he said.

Niall: you were kind of playing truth or dare with Niall and Liam. “Niall truth or dare?” Liam asked. “Dare” Niall said. “I dare you to describe y/n in three words” Liam said. “It’s a really hard one” Niall said and you narrowed your eyebrows. “Y/n is funny, beautiful and amazing” Niall said smiling at you.

Louis: you two sat on the bed with your iPhones replaying to tweets. “Describe y/n in three words” Louis read out loud. “That is easy” he said and stared typing. Later you saw the tweet it was saying: “@y/t/n is sassy, classy and a little smart assy” and you replayed: “that more than three words Lou!” Later #louisdontknowhismath was trending.

Liam: Liam and you were doing a twitcam. “Liam describe y/n with three words” you read out loud. “Alright” he said and looked over at you and smiled. “You are caring, loving and helping” he said and kissed your nose. After the twitcam it became a gif.

Zayn: “Zayn” you said “yes baby?” “Can you describe me with three words?” You asked “it’s impossible” he answered. “Can you at least try?” You said “ok. Y/n you are beautiful, amazing and sweet” Zayn said. “Awww. You so cute Zayn” you said and hugged him.

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