A Place Where....


I’ve been told I’ve had my head in the clouds for way too long,

I vision the good, and only the good of what this world can be,

Blocking out the fact that I seem to be wrong,

I’m not as wrong as you make me out to be.

I see a place, where we don’t discriminate, hate, and Violate,

Where your actions don’t anger me and make me suffocate.

Kids can walk down the street, without being abducted,

High schoolers listen like their teachers instructed,

Child Molesters would be something like a Fiction,

And there would be absolutely no type of addiction.

We didn’t have drugs to make us lose a loved one,

And my cousin was still here to agree and say he was done.

He had a chance to go to school and make someone proud,

I’d get to hug him every time he came around.

I wouldn’t have to lose my Auntie at the age of five,

I could wake up tomorrow and See Daze was still alive.

Where suicide was never heard of, and guns were never made,

Everyone felt love, and everybody got paid.

Diseases were all cured, and cancer was just a cold,

Religion was just a fruit, and we never got old.

Every country was wealthy and war was not tolerated,

Memory loss wasn’t existent and dreams never faded.

Where girls never brought down one another because of insecurity,

And they all had enough common sense to hold on to their purity.

We’d never be hurt, or have to worry about breaking our hearts,

Never having to cry or feeling obligated every New Year to pledge a new start.

Depression would be gone and there would only be affection.

“Recession” wasn’t a word, and we’d never need any sort of protection.

They say I’ve been living with my head in the clouds, No feet on the ground,

I just don’t understand how you leave it alone, making no sound.

This is what should be, what a blind man could see,

But as the human race we put pride before change and refuse to do our part.

Enough said, it’s obvious that there isn’t going to be a new start.

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