Chapter 18

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“Here we are.” Ashley said as he smiled, got out of the car, and picked you up in his arms, carrying you into his house.

You giggled all the way until he dropped you off on the couch, he sat next to you. You were so happy, a lot of your questions had now been answered. Ashley was your boyfriend, he wasn’t too much older than you and you knew this relationship would work, it just felt so good. It felt even better that he promised you a romantic weekend, something just for the two of you, to make up for the terrible day that you had in school.

“I love you so much.” Ashley smiled.

“I love you so much too.” you smiled back. “So what are we doing this weekend?”

“Romantic stuff, I’m going to cook you your favorite dinner tonight, we’ll watch movies and cuddle on my bed, anything that I can do to make you forget about the jerks in class.”  

“I’m so happy that I have you.” you leaned up and smiled at him.

The two of you spent the whole weekend together, cuddling, watching all your favorite movies. Ashley was probably the perfect boyfriend, of course you knew by the time next weekend came around it would be back to the hardcore sex stuff, but you knew he still loved you, he would do it out of love.

“I love you.” you said to him again for like the millionth time over the weekend.

“And, I love you way more, babe, don’t you ever forget it.” He smiled and kissed you, making you feel like the happiest girl alive. You really, truly did love him.

-Next Friday-

You were sitting in class, another boring free day on a Friday. Ashley was grading papers, teasing you, licking his lips every minute or two in your direction. He knew exactly how to make you want him so bad.

You looked over at the clock, there was only about five minutes or so left in class. You couldn’t wait until the weekend, you like what you and Ashley did last week, the nice romantic-ness, but you really did miss the sex.

Suddenly, one of the students that sits on the other side of class, one of the ones who aren’t mean to you, came over to you, his name was Oli Sykes.

“Hi, Oli…” you smiled at him, you knew Ashley was watching you closely, he could be very over protective of you at time.

“Hi, (y/n). I was wondering something….”

“What is it?” you smiled, you see Ashley’s eyes darted on the two of you very closely.

“I was wondering if you wanted to go out with me. On a date? Like maybe tonight or tomorrow night? That is if you’re free of course.” He smiled, a little nervously.

You froze, you were with Ashley, but you couldn’t tell him that, you knew Ashley was hearing this whole conversation. Uh oh, who knows what he would do after class. You had to think of something quick, a lie.

“Oh um… Oli, I would love to but I have to babysit this whole weekend, and I do need time to think about it. How about you ask me again on Monday, when I’ve had time to think?” you smiled at him, not wanting to seem rude.

“Okay sure.” he smiled as he gave you a hug, the bell rang and everybody left the class.

“Can I walk you to your locker?” Oli asked.

“Oh no, it’s fine. I have to talk to Mr. Purdy about something, but I’ll see you on Monday.” You smiled again.

“Okay, great.” He gave you a kiss on the cheek and then walked out.

Ashley walked over to the door, locked it, and then turned his attention to you. you had a slight feeling in your gut that you were going to be in trouble.