Chapter 5

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You woke up early and walked out to the stalls, Ashley was already awake and he knew what you were doing. You walked out there and got some horse food and slowly poured it in their feeding areas. You got out the brush and started brushing them, rubbing your hands over them gently. You watched them eat. Man, it was taking a long time for these horses to finish. You had to clean the stalls once they were done.

You decided to look around in the barn, then you came across Ashley’s sex stall. He had a sex swing hanging from it, some riding crops layed next to the side by the door, and a box filled with various sex toys, vibrators, dildos, stuff like that. you could tell that the horses were still eating, you bent over and started looking through the box, a little fascinated by what you found. You hadn’t even noticed that the stall door behind you was closed.

You looked up to see Ashley there, smirking at you, holding a dildo and a riding crop in his hand. “What are you doing?”

“Uh…nothing…” you backed up against the wall, waiting for what he was going to do to you.

“I know what you were doing, looking at my stuff, now you must be punished.:”

He grabbed you, shoving the dildo into you and smacking your ass roughly with the riding crop, you cried out. with every moan you made, he only got rougher, smacking your ass harder, you knew your ass was going to be red by the end of this. He quickly pulled the dildo out of you and shoved himself into you, thrusting hard and rough, hitting your g-spot, making you moan loudly.

“Fuck, you’re tight….mhm… I would use the sex swing on you, but I’ll save that for later.” He smirked as he pounded away harder and smacked your ass harder.

You felt your climax approaching, you were so close.

“I’m close!” you moaned out.

“Cum for me, baby!” he purred.

You climaxed and released, all while moaning, he released into you right after and pulled out, giving you one more smack on the ass with the crop.

“Thank you, Ashley.” you smiled.

“What did you call me?” he looked at you.

Uh…oh… “Whoops, I mean, daddy.”

“You’re going to get even more punished tonight.” He smirked.

“What are you going to do?”

“You’ll be sleeping out in the barn tonight, from the sex swing… I’ll think of some other stuff to do to you as well.  Now, come and make me some lunch.” He put your collar with the leash on you and led you into the house, you could only imagine what he was going to do to you tonight.