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Riker Lynch fanfiction


<p data-p-id="72f63dbddff2419702436625650a86f9">The next day they went to the movies with The Boyle Brothers and saw Blancanieves. Every time it came to a scary part Bailey would put her head to Riker's chest Rydel would do the same to Jacob. When the movie was over it was around 12:00 and they desided to go to lunch."So when do you guys get back on the road?" Jacob asked R5 and Ryland. "In couple of hours." Rocky told Jacob "No!" Bailey said not wanting them to go and putting her head on Riker's shoulder as Riker kissed her head "It's just three more day's then your moving up to California with me! And in a matter of time we'll be married!" Riker said comforting her. "Yeah I guess if you put it like that then I'm not as sad! But I'm still going to miss you guys four days or four years either way!" Bailey said. "We'll miss you too Bailey bear!" Riker said. "Where did you hear that nickname?" Bailey asked Riker about her nickname she didn't like. "It's in your email address and your Skype name!" Riker told her with a duh tone. "Oh. I forgot about that!" Bailey said with a giggle. "You know your silly!" Riker told Bailey while wrapping his arm around her. "Yeah!" Bailey said leaning back on Riker's shoulder."Can I use your phone to get on twitter real fast? Bacause I broke mine." Bailey asked Riker. "Sure babe!" Riker said handing her his phone Bailey was checking he mentions when she saw the video Rydel posted of Riker and her the day the saw each other since she left the tour. "Rydel when did you post this video?" Bailey asked Rydel. "Which one?" Rydel  asked becase she posted a few. "The one of Riker and I." Bailey told her "Yesterday! when you first saw each other! The reaction was so cute!" Rydel explained. "Riker have you seen this?" Bailey asked him. "No let me see it!" Riker told her. Bailey and Riker watched the video together. "Aww! How cute are we?" Bailey asked Riker. "Not as cute as you!" Riker replied. "Aw! Your so sweet!" Bailey said before she leaned in and kissed Riker. "Photo opp!" Rydel said taking out her phone and snapping a picture! "Aw that's a good one! You guys want see?"  Rydel looked up as she asked only to see they ended up in a make out session. "Well I guess not.' Rydel said putting her phone away. "So when are you guys going to the airport to go continue the tour?" Jacob asked Rydel not wanting her to go! "In about an hour." Rydel replied "Oh can we Skpe later?" Jacob asked Rydel hoping they could. "Yeah we are playing a show at 7:00 unless you want to see me playing the keyboards and singing Shut Up And Let Me Go then it would have to be after." Rydel explained to him. "No I totally want to see you play keyboards and sing! In fact we should all Skype during the show tonight!" Jacob suggested. "That would be awesome!" Jared said. "Yeah!" His twin Jesse said. "I want to join it too!" Bailey said. "What about you Jeffrey?" Ross asked him. "Yeah that would be great!' Jeffrey said in agreement. "Great all of you guys will Skype us for our concert!" Rocky said with a smile. "Great! This going to be so much fun!" Bailey said. "Yeah, I always enjoy seeing your face!" Riker told her as he kissed her cheek. "And we're going to Skype while your on your flight right?" Bailey asked him with hope in her face. "Of course babe!" Riker told her. "Yay!" Bailey said before she hugged Riker. Riker hugged her back. "Well we should be heading back to my place to get you guys stuff and take you to the airport." Bailey sadly said. "Yeah, probably." Ryland said in agreement. So they paid and left for Bailey's house to get their stuff and take them to the airport. Bailey thought The Boyle Brothers should come with her so they could do the Skype on one laptop. At the airport Bailey tried to be strong but it didn't work she ended up in tears as did Riker. "I'm going to miss you so much!" Bailey told Riker through her tears. "I'm going to miss you too! But just think three more days then your flying up for the last show which is in California then we're together forever!" Riker told her as he wrapped her in warm hug and kissed her on her head. "Are we starting chat during the meet and greet or just the concert?" Bailey asked them. "Meet and greet!" They all said in unison. "Well alrighty then!" Bailey said with a tiny giggle. "I love Riker Lynch!" Bailey said leaning in. Riker kissed her back when they pulled away Riker said "I love you Bailey Lynch!" They stood in a warm hug for about three minutes then the flight

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Riker Lynchas himself
Rydel Lynchas Herself
Ross Lynchas Himself
Rocky Lynchas Himself
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Sara Hylandas Bailey Rogers/Lynch

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