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The next day they went to the movies with The Boyle Brothers and saw Blancanieves. Every time it came to a scary part Bailey would put her head to Riker's chest Rydel would do the same to Jacob. When the movie was over it was around 12:00 and they desided to go to lunch."So when do you guys get back on the road?" Jacob asked R5 and Ryland. "In couple of hours." Rocky told Jacob "No!" Bailey said not wanting them to go and putting her head on Riker's shoulder as Riker kissed her head "It's just three more day's then your moving up to California with me! And in a matter of time we'll be married!" Riker said comforting her. "Yeah I guess if you put it like that then I'm not as sad! But I'm still going to miss you guys four days or four years either way!" Bailey said. "We'll miss you too Bailey bear!" Riker said. "Where did you hear that nickname?" Bailey asked Riker about her nickname she didn't like. "It's in your email address and your Skype name!" Riker told her with a duh tone. "Oh. I forgot about that!" Bailey said with a giggle. "You know your silly!" Riker told Bailey while wrapping his arm around her. "Yeah!" Bailey said leaning back on Riker's shoulder."Can I use your phone to get on twitter real fast? Bacause I broke mine." Bailey asked Riker. "Sure babe!" Riker said handing her his phone Bailey was checking he mentions when she saw the video Rydel posted of Riker and her the day the saw each other since she left the tour. "Rydel when did you post this video?" Bailey asked Rydel. "Which one?" Rydel  asked becase she posted a few. "The one of Riker and I." Bailey told her "Yesterday! when you first saw each other! The reaction was so cute!" Rydel explained. "Riker have you seen this?" Bailey asked him. "No let me see it!" Riker told her. Bailey and Riker watched the video together. "Aww! How cute are we?" Bailey asked Riker. "Not as cute as you!" Riker replied. "Aw! Your so sweet!" Bailey said before she leaned in and kissed Riker. "Photo opp!" Rydel said taking out her phone and snapping a picture! "Aw that's a good one! You guys want see?"  Rydel looked up as she asked only to see they ended up in a make out session. "Well I guess not.' Rydel said putting her phone away. "So when are you guys going to the airport to go continue the tour?" Jacob asked Rydel not wanting her to go! "In about an hour." Rydel replied "Oh can we Skpe later?" Jacob asked Rydel hoping they could. "Yeah we are playing a show at 7:00 unless you want to see me playing the keyboards and singing Shut Up And Let Me Go then it would have to be after." Rydel explained to him. "No I totally want to see you play keyboards and sing! In fact we should all Skype during the show tonight!" Jacob suggested. "That would be awesome!" Jared said. "Yeah!" His twin Jesse said. "I want to join it too!" Bailey said. "What about you Jeffrey?" Ross asked him. "Yeah that would be great!' Jeffrey said in agreement. "Great all of you guys will Skype us for our concert!" Rocky said with a smile. "Great! This going to be so much fun!" Bailey said. "Yeah, I always enjoy seeing your face!" Riker told her as he kissed her cheek. "And we're going to Skype while your on your flight right?" Bailey asked him with hope in her face. "Of course babe!" Riker told her. "Yay!" Bailey said before she hugged Riker. Riker hugged her back. "Well we should be heading back to my place to get you guys stuff and take you to the airport." Bailey sadly said. "Yeah, probably." Ryland said in agreement. So they paid and left for Bailey's house to get their stuff and take them to the airport. Bailey thought The Boyle Brothers should come with her so they could do the Skype on one laptop. At the airport Bailey tried to be strong but it didn't work she ended up in tears as did Riker. "I'm going to miss you so much!" Bailey told Riker through her tears. "I'm going to miss you too! But just think three more days then your flying up for the last show which is in California then we're together forever!" Riker told her as he wrapped her in warm hug and kissed her on her head. "Are we starting chat during the meet and greet or just the concert?" Bailey asked them. "Meet and greet!" They all said in unison. "Well alrighty then!" Bailey said with a tiny giggle. "I love Riker Lynch!" Bailey said leaning in. Riker kissed her back when they pulled away Riker said "I love you Bailey Lynch!" They stood in a warm hug for about three minutes then the flight attendent came over the intercome telling them their flight had ten minutes until it boreded. So Bailey went and give each of them a hug and said their goodbyes. Rydel and Jacob stood in a hug for about five minutes of that time then she went to hug Bailey and tell her she would miss her that she would see her on Skype."Call me on Skype when you get settled on the flight!" Bailey told Riker. "I will baby! I promise!" Riker told her as he kissed her one last time. When they pulled back he whispered in her ear "I love you baby and never forget that!" "I love you too and never forget that!" She told him! Riker kissed her cheek and told her he loved her then turned around to walk to his flight about half way there he turned around made a heart with his fingers and mouthed the words 'I love you'. Bailey did the same thing back. On the way to Bailey's she had Jesse drive so she could Skype with Riker. They Skyped until the flight attendant said that all electronic needed to be shut off. "Okay guys I'm going to take a shower you guys can help youself to anything in the kitchen or get on the PC or watch TV I don't care what you do just please leave my house as you found it!" They all told her they would keep it standing. Bailey took a shower and by the time she got out and got dressed they called them on Skype for the meet and greet! "Yay! I get to see you again baby!" Bailey said when she saw Riker! "I know I'm so excited to see you too!" Riker said with a smile bigger then Texas! "Where's Rydel?" Jacob asked Riker. "She's doing her vocal warm ups she should be out here any second." He said as Rydel walked up behind him "Right on time!" Jared said when he saw her. "Hey guys!" Rydel said smiling really big. "Why are you so excited?" Bailey asked when she noticed her big smile. "There's this really cute guy around here!" Rydel said refering to Jacob. "Is it me?" Jeffrey sracasticly asked. "Your cute but not the one I was talking about!" Rydel said. "Who is it?" Jacob asked a little upset. "It's you!" Rydel told him. "Oh. Oh!" Jacob said when he got the memo. They had Skype for the whole meet and greet.Then when  the concert started "Hey everyone!" Ross said when he walked out on stage as the crowed screamed "Can I get a yeah?" He said to crowed. They said 'yeah'. "Can I get heck yeah?" Ross said to the crowd. They said heck yeah. "Can I get a Riker is the sexiest man in the world and I wanna make love  to him right now?" "Riker is the sexiest man alive and I wanna make love to him right now!" Bailey yelled out causing Riker to look back and wink at her. "If you didn't notice we have some friends back here on Skype for the show. Let me introduce them some of you might know them their in this band called The Boyle Brothers!" Riker said before a bunch of screams. "And we also have my fiance Bailey, Guys say hi!" Riker told them. "Hey guys! Are you guys here to see this awesome band?" Bailey said to the crowd as they screamed. "Who misses me?" She asked them. "I do!" Riker said. "Me too." Rocky said. "Of course I've missed the sister I've always wanted!" Ross said as Rydel gasped. "I miss you Bailey Ratliff said from behind the drums. "I miss you girly!" Rydel told her. "Well it's time to get loud!" Riker shouted out to the crowd. After they played a few songs they took the instagram picture. "Who wants to hear a few more songs?" Rocky asked. "Okay this next one is called Cali Girls!" Ross said as he began to play. After that song a fan yelled out "So that show whenn Bailey covered Shut Up And Let Me Go with Rydel when you kissed her cheek it wasn't shocking?" "Was it?" Riker asked Bailey. "Well we hadn't been together very long so a little." Bailey replied to them. "Oh." The fan said. "Please welcome our baby sister Rydel every one!" Riker said as the crowd went crazy! After she sang they played Fallin' For You!  Then ran off stage for a few minutes then ran back on and sang Loud! After Loud they threw their guitar picks.Then they went back to the bus and Bailey Skyped with Riker all night! "Baby maybe you should get some rest you have a show tomorrow and your not going to be able to stay awake to play bass!" Bailey told him. "No I'm going to stay up for the next three days, so every minute that I'm not on stage I can see you!" Riker told her. "But then when we get to see each other in California all you'll want to do is sleep!" Bailey said not wanting that to happen. "Okay after tonight I will sleep! But tonight it's a all nighter just me and you!" Riker said with a sleepy smile. "Your cute when you tired!" Bailey said with a smile. "Who me?" Riker asked a little delirious. "No the giant tiger behind you!" Bailey said being sarcastic. "Where?" Riker said so delirious! "Baby, I think you a little delirious!" Bailey told him laughing hard. "I'm not even tired!" Riker said barely able to keep his eye's open. "Okay it's three thirty and at four your going to bed!" Bailey told Riker almost commanding him! "I can't I have to be at a interveiw at four thirty!" Riker told her. "Well then go to bed right now so you can have at least an hour of sleep! And drink some coffee or an energy drink! I don't want you to make a fool of yourself!" Bailey carelingly told him. "Okay fine I'll go to sleep! Goodnight swee heart I love you see in a few days!" Riker told his young fiance! "Goodnight baby sweet dreams! I love you too! See you in a few days!" Bailey told the love of her life! They logged off Skype and Riker went to bed Bailey went to the kitchen to see Jacob sitting at the table he fell asleep while Skyping with Rydel she looked at the screen and noticed both of them fell asleep while Skyping so Bailey woke Jacob up but told him leave Rydel because she had to get up in an hour and she needs all the sleep she can get! Bailey and Jacob didn't go to sleep so they made coffee and talked. "So you know how I'm going to California in a few days right?" Bailey asked him "Yeah. What about it?" Jacob asked. "Well I was hoping you and your brothers could watch over my house because I don't want to sell it so when I come bask vistit and stuff like that and it's already payed off and everything. So will you guys?" Bailey asked hoping they would. "Yeah sure." Jacob replied to her. "You are the best!" Bailey said giving him a hug. "So are you and Rydel dating now?" Bailey asked smiling. "We're talking." He said to Bailey. "Oh that's cool so do you really like her?" Bailey asked not wanting him to hurt Rydel. "Yeah. She's beautiful, smart, funny, amazing at singing, killer on the keyboard! Anything a guy could ever want!"Jacob told Bailey with a big smile on his face. "So do you think your in love with her?" Bailey asked Jacob. "Maybe. I've never been in love before. I don't know how it feels. But you do how does it feel?" Jacob asked Bailey with his eyes big. "When I'm with Riker I still get butterflies! When we touch it's like electricty is taking over my body! When we kiss it's like we're the only two left on this earth! Does it feel like that with you and Rydel?" Bailey asked Jacob. "I haven't kissed her yet. But when she gat scared at the movies and put her head in my chest I can't explain how I felt!" He told Bailey. "Maybe you do love her!" Bailey told him before standing up and taking her coffee cup to the sink. "Breakfast?" Bailey asked taking out a skilet, pancake mix, and a bag of chocolate chips. "Yeah sure." Jacob replied standing up and walking over to the kitchen to help her. They made breakfast and by the time it was done the boys came down stairs "Morning." Bailey said from behind the stove."Good morning." Jeffrey said taking a peice of bacon off the plate of bacon. "Do you guys want some breakfast?" Bailey asked taking the last pancake out of the skilet and placing it on the plate. "Sure." Jesse and Jared said in unison. "Jeffrey, do you want some too?" Bailey asked him. "Yeah sure." He replied. "Okay." She said handing them all plates. "Thank you." Jeffrey said taking the plate. "Your welcome and thank Jacob he also helped."  Bailey told the guys. "Is it safe to eat?" Jared asked her. "Yes I helped him." Bailey said in response to Jared. "Okay then." Jared said as he took the plate. They all got their plates and sat down for breakfast. "So you must be excited there's only two more days until you off for California?" Jesse said to the only girl at the table."Yes, I'm very excited!" Bailey said smiling big! "Have fun!" Jesse said to her. "Thanks! I'm going to miss you guys though!" Bailey said looking at her friends. "We're going to miss you too, but you have to fly away and go marry the love of your life!" Jeffrey comforted her.  "I know! And it's not like I'm never going to see you guys again you guys are pretty much keeping my house!" Bailey said to the guys. "We  are?" Jesse, Jared and Jeffrey said in unison. "Yeah we are." Jaboc said with a grin. "Cool!" Jared said.  "Are you guys cool with that?" Bailey asked the guys. "Yeah we're cool." Jesse told her. "Yay! You guys are the best!" Bailey said getting up and taking her plate to the sink. The next two days flew by. Riker and Bailey Skyped every chance they got! The Boyle Brothers drove Bailey to the airport. "Flight 432 to California is boreding in fifteen minutes, please make you way to gate G." The flight attendant said ove the intercome. "Well that's my que." Bailey said giving each of them a hug and telling them bye. She turned to walk to the gate and waved bye. On the flight she texted Riker to let him know she was on the airplane. Riker texted back "Skype?" Bailey didn't have her laptop it was in one of her bags so she replied "I don't have my laptop it's in one of my bags but I have my Ipod we could face time?" So Riker got his Ipod out and face timed wih her "So we are about to land do you want to come meet me here or should we meet at the House Of Blues?" Bailey asked her fiance. "Um can you meet me at the House Of Blues?" Riker asked her. "Yeah sure." Bailey told him. "Okay great." Riker told Bailey. "I got to go we're landing. I'll see you in a bit. Love you!" Bailey said to him "Okay love you too! Bye." Riker said before she logged off. Bailey got off of the plane and went to get her stuff in the way someone came up to her and siad "Exuce me but I think I know you." Bailey turned around and smiled really big "Oh my gosh you came!" It was Riker! She hugged him and they shared a long sweet and slow kiss "Of course I came I wasn't going to just make you sit at the airport and besides I have a surprise for you!" Riker said as Bailey grabbed her last bag. "Okay what is it?" Bailey asked him. "Well if I told you it wouldn't be much of a surprise would it?" Riker asked her "I could acted surprised!" Bailey said making a surprised face. "Or you could actually be surprised. But I promise you will like it!" Riker said kissing her on the cheek. "Okay lets go!" Bailey said grabbing Rikers hand and walking out of the airport. They drove for a little bit when Riker made Bailey close her eyes. "Um why?" Bailey asked slow. "Please?" Riker asked with a pouty face. "Okay." Bailey said giving in to his pouty face. They got out of the car and Riker helped Bailey sense she couldn't look. They walked about five feet then Riker told her to open her eyes. She removed her hand from her and gasped! They weere in front of a big beautiful house with a door mat that said Lynch! "Did you buy this house?" Bailey asked him. "Yeah! Lets go in!" He said putting his arm around Bailey's waist. They walk in to the huge house and look around. "Riker this is beautiful!" Bailey said when they walked in to their bedroom. "I'm glad you like it! Now lets get you unpacked" The room was light blue with white base boards, it had big windows with white curtains, it had a big bed with blue sheets and comforter and white pillow cases, there was white night stands on each side of the bed. It also had giant walk in closets and a big dresser between two big windows with a flat screen TV above it! They got Bailey unpacked then it was time for them to get down to the House Of Blues! They drove to the House Of Blues. When they saw Bailey and ran to the car, opened her door, Rocky picked her up and got her out of the car, sat her on the ground while everyone gave her one big hug! After they were done with that Bailey asked "Did you guys miss me?" "Maybe a little!" Ross said with a laugh. "Well do you guys want to go talk to fands or go in?" Rocky asked the band and Bailey. "I say we go meet fans!" Ross said. "Okay come on babe." Riker said holding Bailey's hand. "Go on a head I'll be right there just let me grab my phone." Bailey said looking around inside the car for her phone." Bailey said to him. "Okay." Riker said as he walked to the line of fans lined up for the VIP. Bailey found her phone about 3 minutes later and walked to the rest. On her way to R5 a fan said to her "You are so lucky to be marring into the Lynch family!" Bailey smiled and said "Yeah I love them all so much and Riker is the love of my life!" "Well congratulations!" The fan told her. "Thank you!" Bailey said walking off to R5. "Found it." Bailey said holding up her phone. "Great!" Riker said to Bailey while putting his arm around her. "Who is she?" A fan asked mad. "My fiance!" Riker told the fan. "But how are you suppose to marry me if you marring her?" The fan asked. "Well if I married you it wouldn't be fair to my other fans or to Bailey sence we love each other." Riker said to the young fan. "Yeah I guess that's true." The fan said stepping back in line. "Come on guys lets go chill backstage." Rydel said to the guys and Bailey as they followed her. "So what do you guys want to do now?" Ratliff asked everyone. "I want to talk about if your going to ask Kelly to marry you?" Bailey said to him. "I'm scared she'll say no." Ratliff said looking down. "Bailey didn't say no to me! And you and Kelly have been together or like ever so I don't think she's going to say no!" Riker said to Ratliff. "Your right. I'm going to ask her!" Ratliff said going to find Kelly! "I'm so happy you guys!" Rydel said jumping up and down! "Why? You've played a show almost every night for the past two months." Ryland asked his sister as she was still jumping. "Because it's the last show and we're playing the House Of Blues in L.A!" Rydel said tring to calm down. "Oh." Ryland said as he walked off. About ten minutes later Ratliff came back with Kelly! "She said yes!" Ratliff said dancing around with Kelly! "Congratulations you guys!" Rydel said jumping up and down again! "Congrats bro!" Riker said patting Ratliff on the back. "I've never met you Kelly but I've heard about you so congradulations!" Bailey said to Kelly smiling! "Thank you so much!" Kelly said to Bailey with a smile as big as the moon. They played that show then they all went to unpack from the tour Riker and Bailey went to their house. Riker was tired from the tour and Bailey was tired from the flight, because she i so scared of flying. So they and unpacked then went to bed.

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