You beat him at a game

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You beat him at a game

Harry: He pouts his bottom lip, eyes scanning the scrabble board that lays in front of him. He adds up all the points for a third time, before slumping back against the couch, admitting his defeat. He crawls closer to you and pulls you onto his lap, kissing the spot behind your ear. "We could always play another game." he whispers into your ear, sucking on the skin on your neck.

Liam: You hold out your hand, wiggling your fingers, waiting for Liam to place the last of his money in your hand. "How do you always win?!" he questions, staring at the monopoly board. He swipes his hand across the board, knocking over all the hotels before picking them up and throwing them at you, starting a monopoly war.

Louis: You sprint quickly behind him, trying to kick your foot in front of his. Eventually he starts to get tired and you're able to overtake him. Your foot connects with the ball, kicking it away from his feet. He chases after you as you head for the goal, quickly kicking the ball you watch as it just makes it into the goal. "YOU CHEATED!" he screamed, before wrapping his arms around your waist and lifting you into the air.

Zayn: "YOU SUNK MY BATTLESHIP!" You grinned happily as Zayn realised he'd lost the game. He glared at you, before a sly grin crept onto his lips. He crawled over to you, pushing you down. He pinned your arms above your head and held himself above you. "Now, the winner deserves a special prize." he grins before connecting his lips with yours.

Niall: You score the last goal in fifa, realising you'd won. "I let you win." Niall said leaning back, pretending he wasn't bothered. You slapped his arm, "No you didn't, just because i'm better than you." You grin at him. His hands wrap around your wrist, pulling you down onto him. He kisses you sweetly before mumbling into your lips "best of three."