Lillith's Father [Completed]



[[A/N: As many of you already know, this is a SEQUEL to Snape's Daughter, so don't read this book if you haven't already read SD. One important thing I want to point out to you is this: This is and always will be in Lillith Deacon's POV, there will be no switching during the story as I really suck at that and I don't like doing it however at the beginning of each chapter will be a bit in 3rd Person...those are important, lol.

Another thing is that because this is all in LIllith's POV, you wont learn all the things that you learned in Harry Potter because I'm not going to have Lily having the same dreams as Harry like so many stories, or having Lily go EVERYWHERE with Harry, Hermione and Ron like so many other stories. Sure, she'll do things with them, be involved, but this in itself is it's own story. It's not Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince just rewritten in someone else's POV, that would be a bit repetitive. Hopefully you guys will understand that.

Another thing. I don't have the book for this to go off of, so I'll be using the movie, and (basically a calendar of events for HP and the HBP) as my resource, so don't be hating on me because I got some facts wrong, and do your best to ignore them, por favor.

I'm sorry that my chapters are short, and I don't update as often as I should, but I have a son and I am addicted to playing pokemon (in lue of having a life), because I always will update as soon as it is possible for me. Instead, please give me constructive criticism, tell me what you do and don't like, point out any spelling or grammatical errors, or correct me if I got an event wrong, that would be amazingly helpful.

Please don't put your story advertisements's really rude and it WILL BE DELETED THE MOMENT I SEE IT!

Thanks for listening!]]

A Warning: Um... Warning, this book is rated PG13... Dunno why, so have parental guidance, blah blah blah.

A Disclaimer: I do not own the characters or background plot having to do with Harry Potter. I own Lillith Deacon and the Deacon Family.  Plus POSSIBLY some odd, random characters.... That's it. Everything and anything else fully belongs to JK Rowling, so go thank her for coming up with the amazing wizarding world!

THANK YOU: I just wanted to really thank each and every one of you who supported Snape's Daugher and did their best to come up with the votes I asked for.  I really, More than anything, appreciate it.  I asked for 5000 votes total for S.D and ended up with 5300, so that was amazing.

Another Author's Note: This story will be much shorter than Snape's Daughter, MUCH MUCH MUCH shorter, dont complain, just read. I hope you guys like it ^_^ 

As promised, as a GIANT thank you for the votes...I'll be posting the Prologue now...

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