A Needed Chance



OKAY, this story just came to me in the middle of the night. i stood up like a zombie and wrote it down in chicken-scratch on a tissue box by my bed. 0.o I know thats weird but i didn't want to forget it. Please tell me what you think!! :)

So here.... a random story.....ENJOY!  :-*

I stood outside the door for a moment, debating whether I should knock or not. After a moment's contemplation, I turned the knob and walked into the bright room. As i shut the door behind me, I immediately smelled the sharpened pencils. For some reason, schools always smelt like pencils; just like hospitals smelled like lysol.

The class went from being filled with noise to silence that was worse than death. I felt the eyes staring at me, but walked ahead towards the teacher's desk.

She looked up at me and gasped slightly as the teacher's eyes traced my face. Then she looked at my shirt- long sleeves- and smiled weakly. “You must be Riddick Maca.....” she trailed off as she looked at the name list. “Macatroo?” she guessed after a moment.

I swallowed. “Maca-Throw.” I muttered, "There's a hyphen." My parents wanted me to have both of their last names. It just made ME ten times more complicated. I guess it was just another way I could remember them by.

“Ah, right. That'll take some practice,” she joked. “Take a seat wherever you'd like.”

“Thank you.” I turned to the class. Their eyes were wide. Some of the other boys snickered. Some of them mimicked me and slouched one side of their lips as they mocked. I looked at the floor and nervously pulled my sleeves down farther to my fingers.

I walked down the middle aisle. The students on the left side of me leaned away and giggled. If only they would understand.

I sat in the back of the room. Adjusting my sleeves to cover the back of my hands. I was hot- boiling- under my clothes, but it was better than the people staring.

Most of the class was turned and they were watching me. Most of them were saying, “He chose the loser corner. He's so ugly!”

“Class, I hope you welcome Riddick and make him feel comfortable here,” the teacher said as she heard the muttering. Half of the class was still turned and facing me.

I smiled at them and they chuckled before turning around. The teacher began her lecture about the War of the States and I slumped onto my desk. The first day was always the worst. No one would talk to me for about a month and then the news would settle in adn they might slowly accept me.

They didn't know what was wrong with my face and what was covering my arms. They didn't even think to ask if I was alright. They didn't understand why my mouth always drooped to the left, as if it were sliding from my face. The spiderweb-like scars on my face were rough and jaggad, adding an excesive amount of texture to half my face. the other half was normal and soft and smooth, not horrible to look at. They didn't give me a chance to explain.

The teacher ordered the class to copy the words on the board. I reached into my backpack and pulled a new notebook and a pen. I adjusted my sleeve and held the pen steadily. I wrote quickly, constantly glancing at the board.

Suddenly, the pen slipped from my hand and rolled across the desk. I tried to grab it but it slid off and onto the floor. I leaned over to pick it up off the floor. My sleeve pulled up past my wrist. I gasped silently and suddenly looked up.

Another boy, sitting to the left of my desk, was staring down at me. He had black hair that was obviously dyed that hung over his forehead and eye brows. His eyes were a creepy blue color and seemed to be hollow. He had a lip piercing in the center of his bottom lip and he was wearing a little bit of dark eyeliner.

He looked down at my hand and I was positive that he saw my skin. I retracted instantly, pulling my sleeve down and turned away. I hadn't even grabbed my pen off the floor. I left it there, feeling stupid. I turned bright red. I turned more to my right to look away from him and pretended to read my notes intently.

I heard something to the side of me and looked over. He had picked up my pen and placed it gently on my desk. He left it there without a word and went back to his own notes.

I watched him for a moment but he never looked up at me again. I took my pen and began writing again, as if nothing had happened. I guess my first day wasn't so bad.

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Emo guy on the cover ^as Chance
Justin Bartha (younger)as Riddick
Amanda Seyfried (younger)as Sarah
Vanessa Maranoas Amanda
Taylor Lautner (but a little uglier) as Jake
Gang from The Outsidersas Jake's friends

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