Lauren and Jc(o2l)

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You were laying on the couch in your living room, waiting for Jc to come over. It was a Saturday afternoon and you planned to watch a movie, eat popcorn- and make out a little. Or a lot.

You were dressed casually, but you still looked sexy in your tight t-shirt and yoga pants, and that was the point. And while your hair was a little messy, you knew Jc would think you looked beautiful anyways. He always did. In fact, he'd told you so a week before when he had said he loved you for the very first time. It was the first time a guy had ever said that to you, and you knew you would never forget that moment.

Which was why you had decided to give your virginity up to him.

 Jc had asked before, but you'd always said no. It was a touchy subject, and you thought that it should be at the right time with the right person. Until last week, when you realized that Jc was it. All of a sudden, all of your doubts seemed to grow wings and take flight.

A knock at the door snapped you out of your little reverie. Pulling yourself of the couch, you went to answer it, running your fingers through your hair and swiping some gloss across your lips. It was ridiculous, but you were a little nervous.

The thing was, you hadn't told Jc about your decision yet. Actually, he had no idea about your change of heart at all and was probably expecting a usual evening with you. You wonder if maybe you should have gotten dressed up or lit some candles or something before you realize that's silly. In the eight months you tow had been together, stuff like that had never mattered, so it shouldn't now.

You opened the door to see Jc looking especially hot. You loved it when he kept his hair loose and hat-free, and he was wearing the blue t-shirt you'd bought him awhile ago.

"Hey, babe," he grinned as he pulled you in for a kiss. His lips were soft and his touch was gentle and familiar, and you felt yourself relax. There was no need to stress anymore.

After a minute of light kissing, you broke away and pulled him inside. "Come on, we've got a movie to watch."

"Better not be some girly chick flick," Jc joked. You rolled you eyes. You knew he loved those Nicholas Sparks movies just as much as you did, but was too much of a "man" to admit it. Why else would he tear up at the endings, and then pretend he had allergies when he knew that you knew he didn't?

"Oh, it is," you warned. "I put the tissues out for you. I'm not sure you can hold back the tears on this one,".

He widened his eyes in mock disbelief. "I've never cried at a  movie before, and you know it, Lauren."

"Yeah, okay," you smirk as you take his hand and lead him down the hallway.

"I didn't," he insisted. "Never have."

You just roll your eyes.

A couple hours later, the movie ended and you were making out on the couch. After a little while, you knew it was time. You took Jc's hand, which was resting on your waist, and guided it up your shirt. This had happened before, so he wasn't all that surprised. But when you started to take your shirt off, he paused. "What're you doing, babe?"

"Jc, I'm ready". You looked deep into his eyes. "You're the one, and I know I won't regret this."

Jc was shocked. "Lauren, are you sure? Absolutely positive?"

You took a deep breath. I'm sure."

Slowly, Jc stripped your shirt off your head. He kissed up your stomach, making little butterflies start up behind your bully button, and then removed his own shirt. You marveled at his chiseled chest, running your hands over it.