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Words Unspoken (a Zayn Malik fanfiction)


A/N: Hey guys!! Sorry that the last chapter was so short, but this one will be longer I promise. But mainly, the one thing(ha!see what I did there?) that I wanted to appologize for is for it sucking!! Hope you like it!

~Minneyheeree xx


*Ally's POV*

I woke up again, and looked up at my dad. He had a stupid looking grin on his face and tears in his eyes.

A part of me wanted to ask why he was about to cry, but another part of me didn't. So instead, I cleared my throat and he looked at me, clearly startled.

"We're almost there," he said.

"Mhm," I replied, as I started to look out the window when the taxi slowed down.

I saw us pull up to a large house, I was wondering why we were here. There was just absolutely NO WAY this could be our house. My father also talked about how he didn't much care for large houses, he always liked smaller ones.

"We're here hun," my dad said.

I guess that the look of utter shock and suprise was evident on my face because my dad let out a loud chuckle after looking at my face. He paid the taxi driver and we began to exit the cab.

"Have a good one," said the driver, his thick accent really showing.

"You too," my father replied and we began to walk towards the front door.


"Alliandra?" my dad yelled from downstairs, "We have to go!"

We were going to go over to one of my dad's old friend's house. Apparently, we lived next door to one of his co-workers and old buddies.

I put on black leggings and slid on my black long sleeved skeleton shirt. I put on my white toms and left my hair fall behind my back naturally, as I didn't feel like straightening it today.

I looked in my bathroom mirror and decided that I looked OK, so I took a selfie and posted it on Instagram. Then I headed downstairs to see my dad waiting for me in the kitchen.

"I'm ready, let's go," I told my dad.

He got up from his seat at the white couch and we walked over to the door. He opened it for me and I waited outside while he locked the door behind us. We walked down the driveway and to our left, where I suspected his friend's house is.

My grandpa knocked seven times in a melodic way, and honestly, I was kind of annoyed with it, but maybe it was just the jet-lag working on me.

The door opened and we were greeted by a pretty woman with dark brown hair and a nose piercing. LUCKY!! I thought as I eyed it inconspicuously. I wanted to get one just like it but my daddy wouldn't let me! Ugghhh!! Now I sound like a whiny little...pitch, yea that's it! I sounded like a whiney, little, PITCH! Okay, this jetlag is not working so good on me.

I was soon snapped out of my thoughts when she spoke up.

"So I see you remember you and Yayser's old secret knock sequence," she said to my dad.

"You betcha!" he responded as a man walked up from behind the lady.

She seemed a bit started as the man tapped on her shoulder and she then looked at me and smiled warmly.

"I'm so sorry, I guess I just got carried away..s'come on in," she said and then we walked in, "My name is Patricia, and this is my husband Yayser. You must be Alliandra?" 

"Yes but I go by Ally, for short," I replied as sweetly as I possibly could.

"Oh, I'm sorry honny," she said.

"It's fine," I replied.

I saw my dad motion for me to look over at the stairway where I saw a beautiful little girl come down the stairs with another beautiful girl though she was older.

"The younger one is Safaa, and the older one is Waliyha," my father told me.

"Yes, Doniya and Zayn went out to buy more hair product. Those two use enough hair product to make a hole in the Ozone Layer," Patricia explained.

They led us through a hallway, to a nice living room area. We all sat down, and my dad started to talk with Yayser and Patricia.

"You wanna help us set the table," the little girl, Safaa being her name, asked me.

"Yea, sure sweety," I replied. She was just TOO CUTE!!

I followed her into the kitchen and helped her set the table. When we were done, I leaned against the counter and unlockef my iphone. I decided to check my instagram since I had nothing better to do. I saw that some people commented on my selfie from earlier. 

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