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Say your just a friend (Austin, Robert, and Alex Constancio Fanfic)


,Christy's Bio  

Hair color= Black 

Eye color= Gray 

Skin= tan 

Height= 5,4 

Age= 16 

Career= Model, &, dancer.. 

Maelani's Bio 

Hair color= Red 

Eye color= Hazel 

Skin= Tan 

Height= 5,5 

Age= 16 

Career= Going to school 

Marissa's Bio 

Hair color= light brown 

Eye color= dark green 

Skin= Tan  



Career=, Singer, but not Famous, FootLocker,  


Christy's P.o.v 

'Mae, Marissa, Com'n we gotta go meet the others at Zap Zone,' Hurry' I said to from downstairs,  

'Alright, alright' Mae said back she was wearing ,her Black crop top, dark blue ripped skinny jeans and her all black Nikes, Marissa had on Black sweats, and a galaxy shirt, w/ the colors, black,blue,and purple on it, and black vanz,  

'Kay lets go' I said,  

*at Zap Zone*  

'Hey, Aprilizies,' I said to April  

' Hey' she said back,  

'Hey, Meghan, Jessie, Victor, Gabriel' 

I said to all them 

'Wassup' they all said in unison which made me laugh,  

'So you guys ready to go start playing' Mae said,  

'Yeah' Meghan said back  

*after the game* 

'Bye guys' ttyl' Marissa said tryna act like a white girl, haha' this girl,  

'Bye' Vic said,  

As we were leaving I felt someone come up behind me, and tried to scare me, we'll they failed 

'Hey Christy' Gabriel said 

'Hey Gabby' I said to him laughing, he laughed too haha',  

'whatever I was wondering if you wanted to come with to a party later today, you can bring Mae, and Mari too if you want,' he asked me 

'Who is this 'friend'' I asked winking,  

'Its a guy' he said with a serious face 

'ohh my bad' I was laughing,by now 

'yeah he just got back in town and him and his friends are having a party so you wanna go'  

'Yeah sure sounds fun' I said to him,  

'Okay text you later to tell you when it's gonna start, I'll pick you up' 

'Okay Bye', I said  

*at house* 

'So Gabriel invited me to this party his friends are throwing, you guys wanna come,' I said to Mae, and Mari,  

'Who's the friend' mae said 


'ohh okay' then yeah I guess' Marissa said 

'alright', after that I got a text from Gabriel 

Castillo:D= it's at 7:40, so I'll be there at, around 7:10 

Me= Oh Kay see you later, :) 

Castillo:D= Good cant wait ;D  

That boy and his cheekines... Gosh hiw I Love it, I looked at the time and it's, 6:25 we'll better get ready, I hoped in the shower , washed my body, hair, and shaved, and I was done, I put on my dark blue ripped skinny jeans, Black shirt that says 'Jack Daniel' in white, Black high tops, and black beanie, and accessories,black Gages, and my metal rosary , I decided to leave my hair since it was naturally straight,  

I went downstairs to see Mae, and Marissa still in their old clothes,  

'COM'N GET DRESSED' I yelled at them 

'Okayyy Mom' Smartass Mae said 

They went upstairs, about 25 minutes later they came out, Mae was wearing, A floral long sleeve dress that went to her mid thigh, and a jean jacket over it,,with Black heels on, Marissa had 'Ramones' maroon colored shirt, light blue shorts, and maroon vanz,,, I looked at the time and it was 7:05 Kay Gabriel should be here in five minutes, just as I thought that the door bell rang, I got up to answer it, and it was him he had on Cargoes, all black shirt,Nike socks, and some chucks on, 

'your early' I said 

'that a problen' he said back 

'Nope not at all, good cuz we all just got done,, we'll Mae, and Marissa did' 

'haha okay', Mae said 

'Anyways you guys ready' Gabriel asked,  

'Always' and that we left after a thirty minute drive we arrived 

'Finally' I said in relief as we got out 

'hey being in a car with us isn't that bad is it' Gabby asked me,  

'No it's just that was like forever' I said,  

'okay' we walked to the porch, and knocked a couple seconds later, a boy, with hazel eyes, and light brown hair answered it,  

'Hey come in' he said,  

We walked in and Gabriel introduced us,  

'Christy, Mari, Mae this is Austin,, austin this is them' Castillo said, 

'Hey nice to meet you,' he shook it hands, but he couldn't keep his eyes off of Mari, awwww someones got a crush on, Mari, two other boys came up, and they introduced us,  

'Christy, Mae, Marissa, this is, Alex and Robert, Alex, Robert, this is, Mae, Christy, and Marissa,' Austin said introducing us, and Then 'Boom Boom' came on by Justice Crew  

'EEEEEEEEPPPPPPPPPP I Love this song so much' I screamed/said,  

'someone come dance with me' I said looking at Gabby 

'What why me?' He said 

'Because now lets go' I said dragging him in the middle of the dance floor in the middle of everyone else dancing,  

----Marissa's p.o.v----

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