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Hate, love, cars and mafia together in Tokyo /Tom Kaulitz story/


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Mellie and I walked into the huge parking building. The neon lights from the city were shining like brightly all over the place, making it look amazing. Mellie, my best friend, and I had recently moved to Tokyo and we were invited to a party by one of my old friends. 

"Are you sure he said we were going here?" Mellie asked confused as we took an elevator up to level 5 in the parking buiding. I looked again at the text message I got from Hirato and nodded. 

"Yeah he said it would be here" I shrugged as the elevator doors opened.

Music was banging through giant speakers, people were dancing, laughing and hanging out.  Amazing cars were standing across the floor with their hoods up so everybody could look at the pimped out engines.

Mellie and I looked at each other with surprised eyes. I had never in my life could've imagined having a big party like this in a parkinglot, but i guess there is no limit to surprises in Tokyo! We exited the elever  out among the people who seemed to have a really good time. I saw Mellie immediately checking out some of the Asian boys. There were a lot of cute guys here but i couldn't help my eyes being drawn a little bit towards those awesome cars.  

"Mellie, Taylor! " I familiar voice shouted.

We both looked around and saw Hirato waving to us with a girl under his arms. Mellie and I looked at each other with a smile before cutting through the mass of people to get to him. Immediately we got a tight hug from Hirato who seemed to be so glad of our arrival. 

"I’m glad you found it!" He said with a huge smile and leaned back on his car, which I was so envious of.

"It’s awesome!" I said and looked around at the cars and the pumping party. Hirato laughed and said something in Japanese and the girl walked away.

"I knew you would like it Taylor" he said and placed his arm softly around my shoulders.

Hirato and I were closer than him and Mellie. We had a special bond that went way long back, which started from a slight obsession over cars.

He was about 21 as I myself was 19 but we met when Hirato got his drivers license back in the US. He got the nicest car I’d ever seen at the moment and I spent every available moment with him, just so I could watch him drive it. He was the best friend i've ever had, he was like a brother to me that I could talk about everything. It had been hard when he decided to move to Tokyo to be with his relatives but now when Mellie and I moved here, it meant i could spend much more time with him!

Hirato talked and told us all about his life these past couple of months he'd been here in Japan. About the new foods he had come to love, how much he had been with his family and what kind of job he was doing. Mellie eventually got a little distressed and decided to go check the party out, leaving us alone. 

Glancing around for a bit, I noticed she and I were the only girls at this party who wasn’t thin, black and straight-haired Asians. Around the party, Hirato’s entourage were around as well, Keiko, a purple haired girl, Takasho, the joker of them and two other fun guys who I really liked.

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Hate, love, cars and mafia together in Tokyo /Tom Kaulitz story/

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