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My Husband is a Vampire (On Hiatus)

2. New School

It was a week ago after I dreamt about that guy. But I'm peaceful now. My only problem is how to adjust myself in College. I'm a freshman student decided to attend a public university and take a course related to my hobby. Dad wanted me to attend a private all-girls-school but since I'm the princess, grins wide, I won. Just in one condition, Ethan must send and pick me up to and from school everyday like he's my driver or something. It's okay with me, really. I'm attached to my brother than anyone in the world.

We left the high way and turned by the street. I looked everywhere and found some fast foods, a church, generic drug and a convenient store. And we turned another street.

"Wow! It's so crowded and full of food shops. Food, food, FOOD!" I exclaimed. I've never seen anything like this. That's because I barely left the house. Also we went the other way during enrollment.

"Don't get lost in here. Just always wait for me at the gates. Don't look for food food food alone, okay?" He told me smiling, but without glancing.

I just smiled. Of course, I will make my way to this street. I love teasing my brother, especially when he's already angry.

We passed by the gate, the guards let us but it's only this time. Students are not allowed to bring their cars. The parking lots are for professors only. As if there are students who have cars in here.

From what I've heard, since it's only a public university, students have their freedom and the quality of education is good. A big campus, vast grounds. I will like it in here.

I'm nervous on my first class. What are my classmates would be? Of course, humans. Silly. Will they like me? Will i have friends in an instant? I hope so. Even just one, I'm okay with it. Don't give up!

"Here we are." My brother said, unbuckling his seatbelt. he turned to me.

"Yes." I whispered, unbuckling my seatbelt, too.

"I'll see you to your room." He tried to come out of the car but stopped him.

"No. I'm okay. You just drive home safe." I smiled at him.

"Oh, okay then. Take care , princess." And he kissed me in the forehead. I step backwards and waved as he turned the car and made his way out of the campus.

"This is it." I whispered. Oh, why am I whispering? Relax.

I checked my form and ask a girl where on Earth W403 is. She said it's in the fourth floor, west wing and just find the room number. I;ve taken up the stairs and man, it's exhaustable. Imagining doing this four days in a week. Whoo~ I can do this.

I turned left as I reached the fourth and saw 401. I walked, passed 402 and found 403.

"Is this BAE 1-2?" I asked a girl inside near the door. I think she didn't heard me so I made my voice louder.

"Yes." She answered.

I'm right. I went inside and sat beside her. I'm too shy to speak to anyone. Nervous. Half of the class are already seated and talking except me and the girl beside me. I put my earphones and listen to my ipod instead. Minutes later, a man entered the room. He was probably the Basic English professor. A girl went after him, looking around for more seats. She's late.

I turned to the professor when he started to talk. Since it's the first day, he wanted us to introduce ourselves and tell something about our hobbies. The girl beside me will start and will be following a line to the back. What? I thought of these at home but I forgot it now.

"My name's Alisa Morfaun. 17 years old. I love Korean music."

Dang! I'm next! I stood up slowly, looking around the room. Good. Some are not paying attention.

"I-im Silica Fordelin. 17. Hmm.. I'm an Anime and Manga otaku. I listen to Asian music and I read books a lot. That's all." God! It's finished. I was about to sit again when the professor asked.

"What's an otaku?" I looked at him then at the whole class. They're all looking at me? WHY? Is being an otaku rare or something?

"I-it means I'm an o-obsessed fan."


"Y-yes sir." Resisting myself to look at the class again.

"Okay. Next."

I sat down. Whoo~ That was scary. I watch my other classmates' introductions to distract me from my nervous. But I really don't pay attention on what they're saying, just looking.

"So you can sing, huh. Next." The professor
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